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In this article, we've compiled the best ukulele tuners one can find on the market today. We've analyzed about 77 of ukulele tuners and selected the 26 top options by K&M, QOQOBA, Fender, ADJ Products, IK Multimedia. Read on to find out what exactly made us pick these ones.

At a Glance: Our Top Picks

StroboClip HD Clip-On Tuner
#TOP 1
StroboClip HD Clip-On Tuner
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Peterson StroboStomp HD Guitar Tuner
#TOP 2
Peterson StroboStomp HD Guitar Tuner
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Snark ST-2 Multi-Instrument Chromatic Tuner
#TOP 3
Snark ST-2 Multi-Instrument Chromatic Tuner
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Top 26 Best ukulele tuners Reviews 2022

#TOP 1

StroboClip HD Clip-On Tuner



  • SWEETENED TUNING PRESETS - Over 50 Enhanced Tuning Offsets for a Variety of Stringed, Woodwind, and Brass Instruments. WARRANTY - Two-Year Warranty from Peterson
  • HIGH-DEFINITION BACKLIT DISPLAY - Can Display the Smallest Pitch Deviations. UPDATED POWER BUTTON - Raised Edge to Help Identify Location
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • TRUE STROBE 0.1 CENT ACCURACY - Accurate to 1/1000th of a Semitone or 1/1000th of a Fret. UPGRADED CLAMP - Accommodates Larger Instruments
  • CHROMATIC PERFORMANCE - Automatically Displays Note and Deviation from Center Pitch. BATTERY INCLUDED - Single CR2032 Battery Required
  • AUTO TRANSPOSITION - Drop Tuning and Capo Settings. WIDE VIEWING ANGLE - Visible In Direct Sunlight
#TOP 2

Peterson StroboStomp HD Guitar Tuner



  • Full color display
#TOP 3

Snark ST-2 Multi-Instrument Chromatic Tuner



  • High definition, full-color display that rotates 360°
  • Has a stay-put clip, a tap tempo metronome, and it has pitch calibration from 415 to 466 Hz
  • Features an extended frequency range and is compatible with all instruments
  • Boasts a faster and more accurate tuning chip
  • Clip-on tuner that utilizes a high-sensitivity vibration sensor or an internal microphone
#TOP 4

TC Electronic POLYTUNE 3 MINI Tiny Polyphonic Tuner

TC Electronic


  • Polyphonic Mode tunes all your strings at once
  • Tiny polyphonic Tuner gives you fast, accurate tuning and a high-quality tone tool in a single unit
  • Quickly tune up with polyphonic, chromatic and strobe tuning modes
  • Built-in Bonafide buffer keeps tone crisp through long cables and large pedal boards
  • Lightning-fast chromatic Tuner
#TOP 5

Snark ST-8 Super Tight Clip On Tuner (Current Model)



  • Faster processing chip
  • Screen can be read from any angle
  • High definition screen
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • "Stay Put" Clip
#TOP 6

Snark SN6X Clip-On Tuner



  • Display Rotates 360 Degrees (works for right or left-handed players)
  • Fast and Ultra Accurate Tuning
  • Full Color Display
  • "Stay Put" Clip
#TOP 7

Donner Concert Ukulele Beginner Set 23 Inch Ukelele Starter Bundle Kit



  • Classic Green Color-Donner U-Starter concert ukuleles use the painting process of barrel handle separation, high-quality matte finishing,provides a comfortable playing feel, friendly to the skin, and not easy to produce handprints, 4 colors to choose from, black, pink, green and gradient blue (Special Edition).
  • PRACTICE UKULELE-Technology ebony fingerboard,which high-tech wood material Martin is also using , fine texture, smooth feeling, durable and stable, easy to maintain, not easy to be affected by temperature and humidity, avoiding resulting in cracking, deformation, scratching and other problems; advanced carbon nylon strings has durability and sound extension, suitable as a practice ukulele for beginners.
  • MULTIPLE MUSIC STYLES-AAA Canadian maple body, Okoume neck, which has corrosion resistance and high strength, no deformation or cracking characteristics, with technology ebony fingerboard and four advanced carbon nylon strings, ukulele beginners can also produce a richer and brighter sound;, and suitable for playing a variety of music styles such as country, folk, bluegrass, Hawaii.
  • ALL YOU NEED-Donner DUC-230 ukulele beginner bundle comes with complete ukulele accessories, fully meet the learning needs of beginners, including tuner, gig bag, strap, cloth, strings, picks, and free online courses. Portable and perfect for ukulele starters, learn whenever and where you want.
  • UNIQUE ELECTRIC GUITAR'S HEADSTOCK DESIGN-Donner DUC-230 ukulele adopts the classic headstock design of electric guitars, the 18:1 gear ratio provides more stable tones, and the DONNER logo part uses a complex hollow carving process, giving the ukulele a brand-new visual effect, making your ukulele unique.
#TOP 8

Snark SN6 Clip-On Ukulele Tuner (Black)



  • Tuner can be used on front of back of headstock
  • Full Color Display, Display rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing
  • High sensitivity Vibration Sensor
  • Model: SN6
  • Refer the user manual below for instructions and troubleshooting tips
#TOP 9

Fender FT-1 Professional Clip-On Tuner



  • Includes CR2032 battery
  • Tuning Range B0 - B7; A440 calibration
  • Compact, dual-hinged clip-on tuner
  • Easy-to-read tuning needle; backlight turns green when note is in tune
  • Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Violin and Chromatic tuning modes
#TOP 10

Clip On Guitar Tuner For All Instruments



  • LARGE LCD DISPAY & EASY VIEW: in chromatic mode, the display shows the note name; In guitar, bass, violin and Ukulele mode, the display shows the string number and the note name.
  • MINI DESIGN: Guitar tuner is mini design, small as a coin, you will easily take it anywhere in your guitar bag.
  • ZERO RISK PURCHASING: Instant refund or replacement if any unsatisfied to our products, we will email you within 24hours.
  • MULTI MODES CLIP-ON TUNNING: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Violin
  • HIGH PRECISION: High sensitive vibration tuner responds fast, which ignores the background noise, is ideal for loud, chaotic environment. Pitch calibration from 430HZ to 450HZ
#TOP 11

Hola! Music Ukulele Tuner

Hola! Music


  • VIBRANT VISIBILITY - Tune up any time of day! Our ukulele accessories for tuning come with a bright screen that works in daylight, dim light, or no light.
  • GREAT FOR EVERYONE - From starting students to professional players, our music accessories are a perfect fit for everyone trying to find their star sound.
  • 1 BUTTON TUNING - Find your perfect pitch with the click of a button. Our tuner for ukulele instruments comes with easy instructions and batteries to get you going.
  • CHROMATIC - Looking to tune up your other instruments? This device acts as a cello tuner, bass tuner, guitar tuner and more when placed in 'Chromatic' mode.
  • DESIGNED FOR UKULELES - This chromatic tuner is built to ensure you play at your best. With adjustable 360 degree rotation, you can get tuned up anywhere, at any time.
#TOP 12

KLIQ UberTuner - Professional Clip-On Tuner

KLIQ Music Gear


  • FAST, ACCURATE & EASY TO USE: The UberTuner's highly sensitive Piezo Sensor detects the instrument's vibration via direct contact and accurately tunes in a flash without interference from ambient noise. It's intuitive interface is easy enough to used by a beginner and feature-rich enough for use by a touring musician. Turn it on, clip it on, and you're ready to tune.
  • AUTOMATIC POWER-OFF & MEMORY BACK-UP FUNCTIONS: Ultra-low-power and auto-off function save energy and extend the life of the battery. Memory back-up keeps all settings even after powered off.
  • RELIABLE & DURABLE: The UberTuner is backed by a comprehensive 3-Year guarantee, and with a strong and durable design, this tuner is built to last. In the unlikely event the KLIQ UberTuner stops working, we'll replace it or give you 100% of your money back.
  • VERSATILE: UberTuner has dedicated modes for Guitar (Acoustic & Electric), Bass, Violin, and Ukulele and offers a Chromatic mode that allows for key changes (Bb, C, D, Eb, F) so you can tune any string, brass or woodwind instrument. With a 360º swivel mechanism and the largest clip opening available, it fits onto almost any instrument.
  • Includes CR2032 battery
  • BRIGHT HIGH-CONTRAST DISPLAY: The large color LCD display allows you to easily see if you're flat (yellow), sharp (red), or dead-on (green) from any angle. With 3 points of adjustment and a 1.25" x 1.25" viewing surface, you can position the tuner for optimal visibility.
#TOP 13

D'Addario Guitar Tuner

D'Addario Accessories


  • Extreme Accuracy - The Ns Micro Features An Extremely Accurate Piezo Transducer That Picks Up An Instrument'S Vibration Rather Than Sound. A Wide Calibration Range (410-480Hz) Assures Precise Performance.
  • Easy To Read - The Easy-To-Read, Tri-Color Backlit Screen Displays The Note In Red When Out Of Tune, Yellow When Close, And Green When In Tune. Powered By A Readily Available (And Included) Cr2032 Battery, You Will Enjoy Maximum Battery Life Thanks To The Tuner'S Auto-Off Function.
  • Versatile - Featuring A 360-Degree Swivel Mechanism And Adjustable Padded Clamp, The Ns Mini Offers Optimal Viewing Angles And Maximum Positioning Flexibility. For Left Or Right-Handed Instruments With Small Or Large Headstocks, It Is The Ideal Choice For Acoustic And Electric Guitars, Basses, Mandolins, Banjos And Ukuleles.
  • The Stealth Tuner - Your Audience Will Never Know There Is A Tuner On Your Instrument With The Highly Precise Micro Clip-On Tuner. The Lightweight, Discrete, Compact Tuner Hides Behind The Headstock Practically Blending Into The Instrument And Is Small Enough To Be Kept On Your Instrument While Stored In Its Case. At 1.25", You Will Want One For Each Stringed Instrument You Own.
#TOP 14

D'Addario Guitar Tuner

D'Addario Accessories


  • VERSATILE - Featuring a 360-degree swivel mechanism and adjustable padded clamp, the NS Mini offers optimal viewing angles and maximum positioning flexibility. For left or right-handed instruments with small or large headstocks, it is the ideal choice for acoustic and electric guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos and ukuleles.
  • EASY TO READ - The easy-to-read, tri-color backlit screen displays the note in red when out of tune, yellow when close, and green when in tune. Powered by a readily available (and included) CR2032 battery, you will enjoy maximum battery life thanks to the tuner's auto-off function.
  • THE STEALTH TUNER - Your audience will never know there is a tuner on your instrument with the highly precise Micro Clip-On Tuner. The lightweight, discrete, compact tuner hides behind the headstock practically blending into the instrument and is small enough to be kept on your instrument while stored in its case. At 1.25", you will want one for each stringed instrument you own.
  • D’ADDARIO ACCESSORIES - For over 20 years, D’Addario Accessories (formerly Planet Waves) has been leading the industry in innovative and problem-solving products that serve musicians worldwide. D’Addario Accessories are proudly made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to the most stringent quality controls in the industry.
  • EXTREME ACCURACY - The NS Micro features an extremely accurate piezo transducer that picks up an instrument's vibration rather than sound. A wide calibration range (410-480Hz) guarantees precise performance.
#TOP 15

Guitar Tuner Clip-On Cartoon Alien



  • All Instrument Tuning- The clip on tuner has 5 tuning modes (Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Violin) that can be used for all string instuments. Long press the power button to turn on/off, and short press the power button continuously to select various tuning modes.
  • You Will Get- Package includes 1 x Alien Guitar Tuner, 1 x CR2032 Lithium Battery and 1 x Operation Manual. The cute cartoon shape alien guitar tuner is very suitable for kids!
  • Easy to Read- The colorful large LCD display turns white when flat/sharp and turns green when in tune. The screen can rotate 360° and bent 90°, which is super easy to read from any angles.
  • Guarantee - The tuner is backed 1 Year Risk Free Purchase Guarantee! If you have any questions, please contact us immediately. We will do our best to help you solve any issue.
  • Accurate Tuning- Clip on guitar tuner with improved software for faster response and improved accuracy, which can be used for accurately tuning in noisy areas.
#TOP 16

ROADIE 3 | Smart Automatic Guitar Tuner



  • 2x FASTER & EASY TO USE: automatically tunes your instrument in under 30 seconds with a motor speed 2x faster than Roadie 2. Simply place Roadie on the peg, pluck the string and watch it do the rest. ENHANCED TUNING ACCURACY & NOISE IMMUNITY with next-generation vibration detection, allowing you to tune even in noisy environments
  • BUILT-IN VIBRATION/BEEP METRONOME so that you can set the tempo and feel the beat while playing. RESTRING & TUNE IN ONE SINGLE STEP: changing strings is now a little less tedious. You can quickly wind your new strings and directly tune them to perfection in one go
  • 150+ BUILT-IN ALTERNATE TUNINGS so you can easily switch between tunings or create your own custom tunings. CUSTOMIZABLE TUNING SETTINGS: change the A4 reference pitch, tune with a capo on, create custom tunings, change between “Fast Tuning” and “High Accuracy” & more
  • FULL COLOR, HIGH RESOLUTION, larger display screen. COMPACT DESIGN and ergonomic grip for a comfortable tuning process. LONG LASTING CHARGE: Roadie can last as long as 1 month on a single charge and is easily recharged with its USB-C cable (included in the box)
  • WORKS ON MOST STRING INSTRUMENTS with a guitar machine head including electric, acoustic and classical guitars with nylon strings, 6, 7 and 12-string guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, lap steel guitars, bouzouki, mountain dulcimer, cigar box guitar, violins with planetary pegs, and many more! (Note: It does not tune bass guitars, Get Roadie Bass to tune bass guitars too)
#TOP 17

Clip-On Tuner for Guitar Ukulele Violin Bass & Chromatic Tuning Modes (multi-key modes)



  • Easy to use: Clip it, Turn it on can flexibly rotate the clip, adjust the required angle, easy to read. The soft silicone pad can protect the instrument from scratches.
  • Suitable for all instruments: There are five tuning modes to choose from: CHROMATIC/GUITAR/UKULELE/VIOLIN/BASS. Among them, CHROMATIC is a general tuning mode, suitable for all instruments, and the other four tuning modes are for specific instruments.
  • Fast, accurate, high sensitivity: The tuner has a built-in high-sensitivity pickup and microcomputer chip to ensure that your instrument can be adjusted accurately within a few seconds, even in a noisy environment.
  • Quality assurance: within a year if you are using the product have any questions, we will be free for you to exchange or refund.
  • Excellent quality: Clear three-color LCD digital display, good backlight, easy to read. The battery can provide effective support for one year. If there is no operation on the tuner, the tuner will automatically turn off after 5 minutes.
#TOP 18

Donner Ukulele Guitar Tuner Clip on-Accurate Chromatic



  • 360º Rotation Clip-on Tuner 360 degree rotation allows this tuner rotate at any angle you want.A tuner with high contrast and clear LCD display screen show excellent visibility.
  • Easy Tuning on Stage, Clip-on Style This guitar tuner can be easily clipped-on your instrument and easily tuned with one hand. Lightweight and portable with compact size.
  • Automatic Power-off FunctionCR2032 Battery is included. Ultra-low-power and auto power-off function save energy and extend the life if battery. NOTICE: Recently, Donner upgrade its logo. Due to the difference of production batches, the Donner logo on the product you received may be different. However, the quality, material and craftsmanship of the products are the same and guaranteed as always. We apologize for the confusion caused.
  • Tuning Instrument Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele, Banjo and Wind Instrument of Key F, Bb, Eb. Perfect tuner for your string instruments.
  • Fast & AccurateThe tones are measured by determining the vibration frequency, which is more accurate. Tuning range is from A0 (27.5Hz) - C8 (4186.01Hz).
#TOP 19

Guitar Tuner 2 Set, Meeland Mini Clip-on Tuner



  • Rotates 360 degree for viewing from any angle.
  • Multi-instrment modes. Guitar, Violin, Ukulele, Bass. Chromatic mode for other instruments like Mandolin or Banjo.
  • Clip-on type. Detecting tone by vibration. Small but accurate. Useful in noisy enviroment. Highly sensitive.
  • Auto turn off in 3min without operations. A4 calibration: 440Hz. FCC/CE certified, RoHS compliant.
  • What you get: 2*mini guitar tuner, 2*2032 coin battery,1* manual and 12-month warranty.
#TOP 20

Guitar Tuner Clip on Ukulele Tuner-for Acoustic Electric Bass Ukulele Violin Tuner

Sound harbor


  • BUILT TO LAST- The durable clip-on tuner, which is easy to operate, can last for a long time and has automatic shut-off function. The tuner will automatically power off if there is no continual operation after 3 minutes' power-on state that ensures the long-term availability.
  • A GREAT GIFT CHOICE- The guitar tuner, which is a necessary accessory for stringed instrument players, is a perfect gift for them on Christmas Day/Thanksgiving Day/birthday. The one who receive it must be touched and feel your appreciation for his love of music.
  • 360°ROTATABLE SCREEN FOR EASY VIEW- The 360-degree rotatable clip design allows you to adjust the angle you need for better reading. With 360° rotatable screen, this tuner is very flexible and easy to use and adjust accurately for great performance.
  • QUICK & ACCURATE TUNING- The ultra accurate and stable tuner can quickly sense the vibration frequency of the music created by different instruments, respond in a very quick speed and allow accurate and rapid tuning.
  • DESIGNED FOR STRINGED INSTRUMENTS- The highly sensitive clip-on turner is perfectly designed for acoustic, chromatic and electric guitars, bass, ukulele, banjo, violin as well as stringed instrument, can handle noisy surroundings because of its built-in vibration sensor. Tuning in seconds!
#TOP 21

Guitar Tuner Clip on Ukulele Violin Tuner



  • COMPACT DESIGN FOR PORTABILITY Small size makes it easy to store in the pocket of your instrument's case, convenient to take it outsides for show. The guitar tuner can be used to tune all kinds of stringed instruments, suitable for outside performance, band practice and personal use.
  • EASY TO READ WITH 360°ROTATABLE SCREEN With a 360-degree swivel clip, the tuner is easy to adjust different angles for better reading and tuning. Super easy and intuitive to use. Suitable for professionals and guitar beginners, or anyone new to using this kind of tuner.
  • QUICK & ACCURATE The WOGOD clip-on tuner is able to pick up the sound by vibration and respond in a very quick speed to ensure your instrument is accurately tuned in a flash. Just keep the guitar tuner permanently clipped to the head of your instrument and take 10 seconds from being in tune.
  • WIDELY USE This guitar tuner is suitable for a variety of stringed instruments, perfectly designed for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, ukulele, violin, mandolin and so on, and it can be selected from a variety of instrument tuning modes, including: C: chromatic, G: guitar, B: bass, V: violin and U: ukulele.
  • AUTO POWER OFF FUNCTION FOR DURABILITY WOGOD Tuner, with auto power off function, which is designed to save battery power to provide excellent durability, ensure the best user experience. If there is no continual operation, the tuner will auto power-off after 3 minuite.
#TOP 22

JOYO Guitar Tuner Clip on Digital Electronic Tuner



  • Highly sensitive tuner, metronome beat mode, ideal for noisy environments, suitable for music teachers, professional and junior players.
  • Variety of tuning: 6 C standard pitch bass and string instruments, guitar, bass, ukulele, violin, tuning range: OA (27.5Hz) -8C (4186.01Hz).
  • Environmentally friendly ABS plastic applications, no inferior materials. FCC and CE certification, lead-free certification.
  • Easy to read and operate, clear LCD digital display, easy to read, automatically shut down if not operated, automatic shutdown within 5 minutes.
  • Directly sold by manufacturer of JOYO Technology Co.,LTD which established at 2006.
#TOP 23

Bnineteenteam 2R 2L Ukulele Machine Heads Ukulele Tuning Peg



  • ASSURANCE: If you are not satisfied with our product you received, you can send emails to us at any time.We will reply you instantly and help you solve your problem.After-sales service 100% guarantee, if our products have quality problems after receiving the goods, you can choose free return or full refund.
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • PERFECT WORKMANSHIP: Exquisite and glossy looks with perfect workmanship and high-technology, good-looking, very easily matched for your ukulele and also have good decoration effect.
  • REPLACEMENT: The item is a set professional and practical tuning pegs. They are mainly made of durable metal material, and great for ukulele tuning. A great replacement for the old, broken tuning pegs!
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Complete tuning pegs set with 2 left and 2 right machine heads and other fixing accessories, easy to install.
  • DURABLE: Machine heads adopt metal construction, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, high performance of stability and durability.
#TOP 24

2L2R Ukulele Tuning Pegs



  • 2L2R TUNERS: The tuners comes 2 left and 2 right, they are used for ukulele.
  • ELEGANT APPEARANCE: Silver tuner body with black machine head, it looks elegant on ukulele.
  • ENCLOSED GEAR: With enclosed gear, the tuners can help tuning fast and accurately.
  • QUALITY INTERNAL GEAR: Adopting high quality internal gear to prevent screw slippage and the guitar string from loosening.
  • ZINC ALLOY MATERIAL: With metal construction, the tuning pegs are anti-rust, anti-corrosion, high performance of stability and durability.
#TOP 25

2Eleven Music Hang Loose Shaka Hand Gesture Chromatic Clip On Tuner

2Eleven Music


  • FUNKY: Hang Loose Shaka hand gesture clip on tuner with standard tuning modes for Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele and Chromatic tuning mode for nonstandard tuning
  • EASY TO USE: One hand operation clip on style with silicon pad for a firm grip without damaging your instrument's finish. One button cycles through each of the 5 instrument tuning modes making it easy to use on musical instruments for kids
  • FAST & ACCURATE: With a tuning range of A0(27.5Hz) C8(4186Hz) and a response time of <20ms you can tune your instruments quick so you can spend more time playing and less time twiddling your headstock. Display swivels 270 degrees for an easy view from any angle.
  • SIMPLE: Easy one button operation, automatically powers off after 5 minutes of no activity and is powered by one CR2032 battery (included). Tuner detects the pitch straight from the vibrations emitted by your stringed instrument so ambient room noise wont ruin your tuning.
  • BRIGHT: Clear two-color changing backlit display shows orange when flat or sharp and green when in tune making it very simple and straight forward to use the tuner.
#TOP 26

Clip-On Cartoon Tuner For Guitar



  • The sensitive and accurate clamping tuner has good anti-jamming capability. It responds quickly to the vibration of the instrument and is not disturbed by background noise.
  • Supports Multiple Tuning Modes - Chromatic,Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Violin, Viola or other electric stringed instruments.
  • What You Get - 1 x Tuner & 1 x CR2032 Lithium Battery,and we will refund you or send you replacements if you are unsatisfied with our products for any reasons.
  • Easy to Use - One-handed 270° swivel clamp, battery integrated in the clamp, easy for replacement.
  • Clear LCD digital display, with a good backlight, clear writing, making it easy to read. It is suitable for kids, child. Also fit for adults, professional Guitarist, Guitar beginners.

The Buying Guide to the Best ukulele tuners - What You Need to Know

What notes are the 4 strings on a ukulele?

The standard tuning for a ukulele (from the bottom string to the top string) is G-C-E-A. This means that each open string produces the associate note, from the bottom G string to the C string, E string, and A string. On a concert ukulele, these notes are specifically G4-C4-E4-A4.

Is tuner necessary for ukulele?

Ukulele tuning is a must if you want it to sound good, and is pretty standard once you get the hang of it. After all, the songs you want to play won't sound right if your ukulele is not properly in tune.

What key is standard ukulele tuning?

What Is Standard Ukulele Tuning? The open strings on a ukulele are most commonly tuned to the notes G, C, E, and A. This is known as standard tuning. To create a more rounded even sound, some people prefer to string their ukulele with a low G string rather than a high G.

What key is concert ukulele?

What Key is the Ukulele Tuned in? Most ukuleles (soprano, concert, and tenor) are tuned in the Key of C (GCEA tuning). But these sizes can also sometimes be tuned in the Key of D (ADF#B tuning) and even less often in other alternative tunings.

Why does my ukulele sound out of tune?

Ukuleles come pre-strung with nylon strings which have never been brought up to pitch! They will go out of tune immediately due to the elasticity of the nylon and the looseness of the knot holding it in place. Many players will keep re-tuning endlessly until the strings get broken in.

What are the 4 notes on A ukulele?

The standard tuning for a ukulele (from the bottom string to the top string) is G-C-E-A. This means that each open string produces the associate note, from the bottom G string to the C string, E string, and A string. On a concert ukulele, these notes are specifically G4-C4-E4-A4.

How often should you tune A ukulele?

How Often Should You Tune? You should tune your ukulele before every practice session and even several times within a practice session especially if you are doing a lot of string bending. During a gig, I will check my tuning before nearly every song. There are several factors that can make a ukulele go out of tune.

Is it hard to tune a ukulele?

For a beginner, ukuleles can be difficult to tune by ear or by referencing another tuned instrument (like a piano). Using an electronic tuner or app makes tuning a ukulele much easier. However, it can still be difficult to keep new strings in tune, because they tend to stretch out for a few days after installation.

How much do tuners cost?

Getting your car tuned is a great way to improve your car's performance and efficiency! But tuning can be a little pricey. While standard options can cost anywhere from $50-$200, higher-end jobs will cost somewhere between $400 to $700.

How tight should ukulele strings be?

Ukulele strings should be just tight enough to hold the correct pitch. Strings should not be so tight that the tension damages the ukulele or so loose that the strings buzz and are not playable. Use a chromatic tuner to ensure you are staying in the right frequency range and experiment with different string types.

Editor's Notes

To make this list of the top ukulele tuners we spent 57 hours to analyze over 1453 customer reviews carefully. As a result, our editors selected the 26 options most people truly liked. They boast of the rating of 233, on average, and cost around $820.

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