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In this article, we've listed the best stereo volume pedals you can find on the market today. We've found about 67 of stereo volume pedals and selected the 33 top options by AGPTEK, ROTOSOUND. Check out what we recommend in 2023.

At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Korg EXP-2 Expression Pedal
#TOP 1
Korg EXP-2 Expression Pedal
ftb score rating icon 9
PBM Score
Jim Dunlop Volume (X) 8 Pedal (DVP5)
#TOP 2
Jim Dunlop Volume (X) 8 Pedal (DVP5)
ftb score rating icon 9
PBM Score
Ernie Ball 500K Stero Volume/Pan Pedal (P06165)
#TOP 3
Ernie Ball 500K Stero Volume/Pan Pedal (P06165)
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PBM Score

Top 33 Best stereo volume pedals Reviews 2022

#TOP 1

Korg EXP-2 Expression Pedal



  • Foot Controller Pedal f Kg Keyboards
#TOP 2

Jim Dunlop Volume (X) 8 Pedal (DVP5)



  • 8'' length for perfect alignment with Metro, Classic, Novo, and Terra Series pedalboards
  • Designed with Pedaltrain for tight layouts and tidy routing of cords
  • Patented Low Friction Band-Drive for long-lasting performance
  • Features Volume, FX, Output, and Tuner jacks
  • Create incredibly smooth volume swells or control your favorite FX parameters
#TOP 3

Ernie Ball 500K Stero Volume/Pan Pedal (P06165)

Ernie Ball


  • Stereo inputs and outputs
  • Use with active or passive signal in
  • Controls Volume and Panning
  • Country of Origin: United States
#TOP 4

Boss FV-500L Foot Volume Pedal



  • Low-impedance Volume/Expression Pedal f Keyboard Instruments
#TOP 5

Jim Dunlop Volume X Mini Pedal (DVP4)



  • Low Friction Band-Drive for smooth, durable
  • Controls volume levels and FX parameters
  • Lightweight and pedalboard-friendly
  • Half the size of the DVP3
  • AUX output for switchable tuner/expression functionality
#TOP 6

Zoom G1X FOUR Guitar Multi-Effects Processor



  • Standard Guitar input, aux input for external audio players and amp/headphone output
  • 68 built-in rhythm patterns
  • Free download of Zoom guitar lab Mac/Windows software
  • 71 built-in guitar effects and 13 amp models
  • 30-Second looper
#TOP 7

EX Guitar Effects Loop Switcher Pedal Passive Channel Switcher Box



  • It could also be used as Amp Selector and Effects loop. Switching OFF/ON of effector and switching 2 amplifiers. In this case, amplifier B will only have bypass signal.
  • EX LOOP BOX is the simple pedal switcher that enables switching 2 loop channels and bypassing.
  • The loop box could be used as a simple effects 2 loop selector. Loop can be switched by stepping on A/B foot switch, and BYPASS foot switch enables to switch OFF/ON of bypass.
  • The amount of current that can be supplied at 9V DC output can be changed according to output capacity of the adapter you use and distribution status (Maximum 1,000mA)
  • Other uses also include as Tuner Out. Loop can be switched by stepping on A/B foot switch, and it becomes mute state since there is no RETURN connection. Or use it as a selector of 3 amplifiers by connecting them to each of OUT, SEND A, SEND B.
#TOP 8

Boss FV-500H Foot Volume Pedal



  • High-impedance Volume/Expression Pedal for Guitar or Other High-Impedance Instruments
#TOP 9

Boss RC-300 Loop Station 3-track Looper Pedal



  • Rhythm Guide
  • XLR Microphone Input with Phantom Power
  • Stereo Loop Pedal with 3 Controllable Stereo Loops
  • 99 Phrase Memy Presets
  • 1/8" Aux Input
#TOP 10

Yamaha FC7 Volume Expression Pedal



  • 5' cable, 1/4" jacks
  • Product Code: FC7
  • The FC7 is a volume controller that allows you to adjust the volume and even the effects of your instrument
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • This heavy-duty controller, with "fortissimo function," enables the user to accent certain parts of a performance
  • The Durable Volume Control Tool for Today's Electronic Keyboard
#TOP 11

Ernie Ball MVP Most Valuable Pedal (P06182)

Ernie Ball


  • Item Weight: 2.66 pounds
  • Works with any signal anywhere in the signal chain
  • Minimum volume control
  • Gain boost
#TOP 12

Moog EP-3 Expression Pedal

Moog Music Inc.


  • The EP-3 is a robust and reliable universal expression pedal designed to work with any keyboard, synthesizer, or pedal with an expression or CV input
  • Product Code: ACCEP003
  • Perfect weight and balance, along with superb craftsmanship
  • It features a newly designed cam system with extremely smooth performance and durability, a polarity switch that ensures compatibility with non-Moog products, a scalable output knob for specifying musical range, and a ¼” output jack on the front panel that allows you to use the supplied 6.5’ cable, or select a different cable length that perfectly suits your needs
  • Brand: MOOG
#TOP 13

NUX Atlantic Multi Delay and Reverb Effect Pedal



  • Inside routing-control between the effects so you can choose which effect comes first.
  • 3 Delay Effects - 70’s Analog, 60’s Tape and 80’s Digital.3 Reverb Effects - Spring, Plate and Hall
  • update the firmware before you play it from the official website
  • It has an Input Level toggle switch, +4 dB / -10 dB (high impedance / low impedance)
  • 6.35 mm stereo input and 2 outputs for the ultimate delay and reverb experience.By plugging a TRS cable into the pedal's input, you can add the Atlantic to any effect chain via Send/Return connection by using a “Y” cable or “Insert” cable.
#TOP 14

Boss FV-30H Foot Volume Pedal



  • Other High-impedance Instruments
  • Compact Volume Pedal for Guitar
#TOP 15

Boss FV-30L Foot Volume Low-Z



  • Compact Low-impedance Volume Pedal with Stereo I/O for Stompboxes
  • Keyboards
  • Other Digital Instruments
#TOP 16

BOSS Low Impedance Volume Pedal (FV-50L)



  • Low-impedance FV-50L enables direct control of stereo keyboards and stereo effects units
  • High-impedance FV-50H designed for connection before guitar effects units
  • Minimum volume knob lets users set minimum volume as desired
  • Convenient Tuner Out jack enables speedy tuning on stage
#TOP 17

Dunlop GCB80 High Gain™ Volume Pedal



  • For extended use
  • Dynamic control
  • Die cast housing
  • Power: passive in-line circuit requires no additional power
  • Quiet and smooth
  • Great for pedal steel swells and instant dynamics
  • 1 million cycle potentiometer
  • Ultra-sensitive 1 million cycle taper potentiometer
  • Quiet operation and heavy-duty construction
#TOP 18

Korg XVP20 Stereo Volume and Expression Pedal



  • Expression Output
  • Keyboard Volume Pedal with Stereo Inputs Outputs
  • Minimum Volume Control
#TOP 19

MeloAudio EXP-001 Volume Expression Wah Bass Guitar Effects Pedal l



  • The EXP-001 Pedal is compatible with any model or brand of effect that features a stand TRS expression input, such as TS MEGA, MIDI COMMANDER, Fractal AXE Fx2, KPA(Kemper profiling amps), ZOOM G1 G2 G3 G5 G7, Line 6 HX Stomp,Digitech RP360, etc
  • Small size for better placement on the effector mounting plate
  • The pedal shaft is designed with damping. When it is not stepped, it will stay at the specified angle
  • The EXP-001 Pedal delivers precision response and smooth action in a durable cast aluminum housing. Rubber pedal for comfortable play and non-slip action
  • Ultra-smooth pedal movement for the utmost in comfort and control.
#TOP 20

JOYO Modulation Multi Effects Pedal R Series Dual Channel Stereo Input and Output 9 Effects



  • JOYO VISION effect pedal, supports stereo input and output, both of the two effects have independent "SPEED/RATE", "CONTROL" and "DEPTH/MIX" knobs in the middle of the panel;
  • Whole new appearance and the iconic ambience lights bring out futuristic and retro styles, displaying a perfect fusion, will make our soul happy whether are jamming in the bedroom, studio or on the stage.
  • Before playing, please make sure the guitar is fully connected with the pedal. in order to make JOYO pedals work properly and avoiding unexpected noise, we recommend you to purchase an extra JOYO original power adapter, or choose the other reliable brands and make sure it meets the working current requirement of single pedal.
  • And a 3-position toggle switch is used for choosing the sequence of the two effects' output. each channel features 9 effects, we can adjust various tones with the independent Tap tempo control.
  • JOYO is over decade of brand reputation, provide worry-free after-sale service. with the most popular budget pedals, amplifiers, wireless systems, controllers, metronomes, tuners winning the love of global guitarists and inspiring people's music dreams.
#TOP 21

Evonecy DF1511A Guitar Pedal



  • PRECISE VOLUME CONTROL —— The guitar stereo volume pedal has an amplitude adjustment knob, which can control the volume very accurately.
  • THE PERFECT ACCESSORY —— The guitar volume pedal has two input jacks and output jacks, which can accommodate two channels of sound. High-end guitar stereo band accessories. If you need a guitar effect pedal, our product is the best choice.
  • PURE SOUND —— guitar foot pedal has a pure sound, guitar stereo band accessories, can be used for the retro Daphon volume pedal of the guitar DF1511A.
  • HIGH QUALITY —— 100% brand new and high quality. This guitar volume pedal is made of high-quality metal materials, which is rust-proof, environmentally friendly, odorless, sturdy and durable, stable in performance, and long in service life.
  • AFTER-SALES SERVICE —— If you have any questions in the process of purchasing the product, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to deal with it for you. At the same time, we will also provide you with a 180-day free return service. You can buy with confidence.
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
#TOP 22

JOYO D-SEED-II Multi Pedal Effect



  • Dual-channel design with independent parameter settings, which allow you to switch between 2 delay effects parameters.
  • Before you test the pedal or before playing, make sure the guitar is fully connected with the pedal. In order to make JOYO pedals work properly, avoiding unexpected noise caused by power supply, we recommend that you purchase a JOYO original power adapter, or choose other reliable brands. More importantly, you need to make sure it meets the working current requirement of the pedal.
  • ATTENTION: Power supply adaptor should meet the standard as below,otherwise, it doesn't work : DC 9V(center minus), over 200mA capacity, connection of positive (+ ) barrel and negative (-) center.
  • Stereo input and Stereo output, 8 delay modes, supports a maximum of 2000ms delay time.
  • Pingpong modes are available for each delay effect, offering optimum stereo effects. Features LOOPER function, tape recording simulation effect can be added as for playback. Set TAP TEMPO with one foot. Features LOOPER function, tape recording simulation effect can be added as for playback. Set TAP TEMPO with one foot.
#TOP 23

Bespeco Stereo Volume Pedal



  • Can also be used as a mono pedal with low volume regulation on one channel
  • Equipped with a side positioned potentiometer, which allows the minimum volume adjustment when the pedal is lifted (closed)
  • Keyboard stereo volume pedal, with two independent inputs and outputs
  • Used to regulate the output signal of a keyboard or any other instrument with line output
#TOP 24

Fender Tread-Light Volume/Expression Pedal



  • Switchable Internal Buffer
  • Adjustable 3-Way frequency selector
  • Under-treadle LED
  • Analog Volume/Expression Pedal
#TOP 25

SONICAKE Vexpress Passive Volume & Expression EXP Pedal



  • Working without Battery or Pedal Power Supply
  • Automatically Detect the Functionality (Volume or EXP Control)
  • Lightweight & Comact Design for easily Taking it Anywhere
  • Passive Volume Control/Expression Control 2 functions in 1 Pedal
  • Working with Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Workstation, Controller, etc.
#TOP 26

Daphon DF1511A Guitar Stereo Volume Pedal DJ Band Guitar Pedal



  • DUAL OUTPUT INPUT?This guitar volume pedal has two input and output jacks, which can hold two channels of sound.
  • PRODUCT INTRODUCTION?This is an old DaFeng guitar DF1511a volume pedal, which has excellent effect and is very effective.
  • EXCELLENT ACCESSORIES?This guitar volume pedal can keep the pure sound of the instrument, and is the perfect guitar stereo band accessory.
  • PRECISE CONTROL?This guitar volume pedal is equipped with an AM knob, and the volume control is very precise.
  • FUNCTION OF PEDAL?This guitar stereo volume pedal can effectively control the volume of the instrument, which is very sensitive.
#TOP 27

FLAMMA FS22 Stereo Delay and Reverb Pedal Digital Guitar Effects Pedal



  • Power Supply Included. Recommend to use isolated/individual power supply. Sharing power supply with other pedals may cause unexpected noise.
  • 3 pairs of built-in delay & reverb effects: Reverse Delay Swell Reverb, Real Echo Mod Reverb, Analog Delay Shimmer Reverb.
  • Individual Tap Tempo function.Freeze function for infinite trail.
  • Dual-footswitch stereo delay&reverb effects.
  • Trail on function allows the effect to fade out naturally. ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE.
#TOP 28

EX 7 Band EQ Equalizer Mini Guitar Pedal



  • FLEXIBILITY AND EASE OF USE - A bright LED & quiet true bypass electronic switching and an overall gain control provide flexibility and ease of use on stage or in a studio.
  • VERSATILE RIG DEVICE - Whether implemented to correct problems in a live setting or used for just a little “extra kick” for soloing, the EQ7 is sure to be one of the most versatile devices you will have in your rig!
  • ACCURATE TONE SHAPING - Easy to see and use sliders for 65, 125, 250, 500, 1k, 2.2k & 5K provide clean adjustment in the most needed ranges for accurate tone shaping in almost any circumstance.
  • 7 Band EQ - With it’s “mini” pedal footprint and powerful +/- 15 db range, the EQ7 is a “must have” for any pedalboard, and a great addition to a musician’s gig kit.
  • True-Bypass with powerful analog circuitry, housed in a compact, die-cast box. 1/4 inch input and output jacks and an AC adapter input on the top of the unit. Uses a standard 9-volt negative tip power supply, or add a daisy chain to run multiple pedals from the one power supply source. (Adapter not included).
#TOP 29

CNZ Audio Re-Pete Stereo Looper Guitar Effects Pedal

CNZ Audio


  • The Mix knob at the top of the pedal allows the user to adjust the sound level of each loop you are recording. Make different loops louder or softer by adjusting on the fly!
  • Easily upload and download recordings via the micro USB port using the USB cable included in the package. Add to the tracks you upload on the pedal by creating your own loops. Software available for Windows PC only. The pedal has a 9V DC connector with negative center and positive barrel in the back to plug in a standard 9V DC power supply (not included).
  • The Left Rocker Switch controls the change, forward and reverse settings for the recording. The Right Rocker Switch changes the right stomp switch from FX to stopping the recording. Create your background loops and have fun mixing different tracks while sounding like multiple musicians with this awesome loop pedal.
  • The Dual Inputs can provide you two inputs at a time while creating a stereo output. The level of each output is adjustable for each loop independently. The left footswitch controls the recording, playback, overdubbing and deleting. The multi-colored LED clearly indicates which mode the pedal is in. This is super easy to use for beginner and advanced players alike!
  • The RePete Stereo Looper Guitar Effects Pedal from CNZ Audio gives you 10 minutes of recording time and unlimited overdubbing! Yes, Unlimited! Drop any number of tracks on one recording on the internal solid state storage device.
#TOP 30

Wah Effect Pedal Volume Pedal



  • On/Off button controlled by foot.
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Built with our high quality standard.
  • Classic Wah Wah effect.
  • Great range for the optimal Wah Wah guitar effects.
  • Ideal for band, DJ and guitar players.
#TOP 31

Guitar Pedal,Daphon DF1511A Guitar Stereo Volume Pedal DJ Guitar Effect Pedal Dual Input & Output.



  • PRECISE REGULATION?Guitar stereo sound volume pedal.With amplitude adjusted knob to control volume very accurately.
  • CONFIGURATION?Vintage Daphon volume pedal for guitar DF1511A.With two input jack and output jack, can accommodate two channels of sound.
  • PACKAGE WEIGHT?Approx. 575g/20.3oz.
  • GOOD TONE?Pure sound, guitar stereo band accessory.
  • PACKAGE?1*Guitar Stereo Volume Pedal;1*User Manual.
#TOP 32

Quick Lok VP-2622 Volume Pedal



  • Built with two 6.3 mm (1/4") jack input sockets for connection to the instruments and a further two 6.3 mm (1/4") jack output sockets for connection to the amplifier
  • Heavy metal base for a stable and safe use. Features high-performance custom potentiometer for a long-lasting life. External potentiometer allows for manual sensitivity adjustments.
  • Country of Origin: ITALY
  • Stereo volume pedal with 2 input and 2 output 6.3 jacks. The VP/26-22 is suitable for the control of two instruments at the same time - a keyboard instrument or guitar
#TOP 33

Guitar Volume Pedal, RiToEasysports Daphon DF1511A Guitar Stereo Volume Pedal DJ Guitar Effect Pedal Dual Input & Output



  • Two ChannelsGuitar volume pedal with two input jack and output jack, can accommodate two channels of sound.
  • Button ControlMini pedal with amplitude adjusted knob to control volume very accurately.
  • Widely ApplicableVintage Daphon volume pedal for guitar DF1511A. Guitar stereo sound volume pedal.
  • Pure SoundHigh-grade guitar stereo band accessory. If you need a guitar effect pedal, our product is the best choice.
  • High Quality100% brand new and high quality. This Guitar Volume Pedal is made of high quality metal materials, which is anti-rust, eco-friendly, odorless, sturdy and durable to use, it has stable working performance, long service life.

Selecting the Ideal stereo volume pedals: What to Keep in Mind

Is Suhr owned by Fender?

From 1995 to 1997, John Suhr worked as Senior Master Builder at Fender's Custom Shop. In 1997 Suhr left Fender to form his own company with Steve Smith.

Can you turn a wah pedal into a volume pedal?

By adding a DPDT switch that disconnects the 4.7uF capacitor you can cancel the wah effect and you'll have yourself a volume pedal.

When should you use a volume pedal?

Volume pedals can do a number of different things to your signal including acting as a Master control over the volume of your guitar (obviously). A volume pedal is also a great way to create lush, sweeping soundscapes when used with an ambient reverb or delay pedal.

How does Mark Knopfler get his tone?

Of his iconic guitar tone, Knopfler revealed how he created it to Music Radar in 2018. Typically humble, he explained: “People say, 'How do you get that sound? ' Well, I plugged it in and then I started fiddling with the knobs until I got something that I quite liked [laughs]. That's how I did it.

Can you use a wah pedal as a volume pedal?

A: The Hotone Soul Press Micro Volume/Expression/Wah Pedal will do exactly what you need, plus it can do volume pedal duty as well.

Can you use an expression pedal as a volume pedal?

It should be noted that an expression pedal can also control volume, but only if the device it is connected to has an expression-ready volume parameter. A volume pedal also connects in-line to your signal chain, thereby directly affecting the audio signal.

What's the difference between an expression pedal and a volume pedal?

The main difference between a volume pedal and an expression pedal is that a volume pedal only controls volume, whereas an expression pedal can control any number of different parameters given the use case.

What happened to Pensa Suhr?

Back then, the guitars were built by none other than John Suhr, and at the time, the brand was known as Pensa-Suhr. John has, as we know very well, moved onto his own fantastic business with Suhr guitars, but Pensa continues today with guitars being assembled and set up in Rudy's Soho basement workshop.

Does Mark Knopfler use a volume pedal?

In the early years of Dire Straits, Knopfler utilized a Morley volume pedal before switching to what became his mainstay, the venerable Ernie Ball unit. In crafting his subtle guitar sound, Mark Knopfler relied on one of the most basic musical elements – volume.

Are Suhr guitars made in Japan?

These guitars were manufactured in Asia but had the final setup performed at the Suhr factory in Lake Elsinore, California. Moving production to Asia enabled the company to lower costs, and these guitars were therefore priced a tier below the Suhr Pro line.

Is a volume pedal the same as an expression pedal?

In a nutshell, a volume pedal acts as a master volume control, only affecting the overall volume of your guitar signal. An expression pedal can control various different effects parameters depending on what device they are hooked up to. For example, they can alter the length of a delay, or add and remove gain.

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