Best reverb pedals for metal under 100 in 2023

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Last Updated: Oct 12, 2022

In this article, we've listed the best reverb pedals for metal under 100 one can find on the market today. We've found about 59 of reverb pedals for metal under 100 and selected the 0 top options by Taylor. Read on to find out what exactly made us pick these ones.

At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Metal Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal
#TOP 1
Metal Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal
ftb score rating icon 9
PBM Score
Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal
#TOP 2
Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal
ftb score rating icon 9
PBM Score
SONICAKE Guitar Multi Effect Pedal Chorus Delay Reverb Distortion Classic Rock Tone Guitar Pedal Rockstage With Cab Sim
#TOP 3
SONICAKE Guitar Multi Effect Pedal Chorus Delay Reverb Distortion Classic Rock Tone Guitar Pedal Rockstage With Cab Sim
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Top 20 Best reverb pedals for metal under 100 Reviews 2022

#TOP 1

Metal Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal


  • HIGH QUALITY CIRCUIT DESIGN: This pedal utilizes high-quality electronic components and optimal circuit design, all inside a reliable aluminum alloy casing. Play heavier genres with this pedal and bring out a rich and distorted tone for your guitar
  • CONTOUR, VOLUME, AND DIST KNOBS: This pedal features easy control knobs for adjusting your tone. Utilize the contour knob to adjust the tone color to your liking, the volume knob to adjust the volume, and the dist knob to adjust the distortion gain
  • TRUE BYPASS FOOTSWITCH: With a true bypass function, you can connect your instrument directly to your amp while also bypassing the effects' circuits, allowing the original tone of the instrument to be retained and giving you a better feel
  • INCLUDES POWER ADAPTER: This metal distortion pedal comes with a 9V DC AC Adapter and velcro for convenient and easy installation on your pedalboard. The maximum dimensions of this pedal is 3.7” x 1.7” x 1.9” inches
  • EXTREME AND CLASSIC MODE: Featuring a two-way tone switch, you can easily change your tone to your preference. Switching changes it between extreme and classic whereas extreme allows for a much harder sounding tone while classic offers a lighter one
#TOP 2

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal


  • Tone Controls
  • Level
  • Disttion Effects Pedal f Guitar
  • Bass
  • Keyboard with Disttion
#TOP 3

SONICAKE Guitar Multi Effect Pedal Chorus Delay Reverb Distortion Classic Rock Tone Guitar Pedal Rockstage With Cab Sim


  • Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Built-in Cabinets Simulation for directly connecting to PA, Mixer or Audio Interface
  • The Multi Effects Processor have BBD-style Analog-sounding Chorus adds a Beautiful Warm-Dream feeling to the Sound
  • One-Stop Gig Solution for Classic Rock Players with Main Effects needed On this Guitar Effects Pedal
  • 500ms Analog-Voicing Delay & High Quality Reverb Expand the Tone into Grand Spacy Timbre on Guitar pedal
  • Analog Plexi Style Distiortion Brings the Tone back to 80s/90s Hard Rock Stage For the Multi Effects Pedal
#TOP 4

Caline Digital Reverb Pedal Guitar Effects Pedal


  • High-quality delay guitar pedal: True Bypass foot switch for crystal-clear signal through
  • Power supply:9V AC adapter(No power adapter included)
  • One year warranty Pedals have a one-year warranty
  • Controls for time, repeat and level
  • Digital, analog and tape delay types
#TOP 5

COOLMUSIC C-RV01 Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal Aluminium alloy case


  • Electric guitar Reverb effect pedal for guitar players.
  • With 2 functional knobs(MIX/DECAY) for adjust the performance.
  • Full metal shell and small size, durable and portable.
  • LED light for indicating effector status.
  • Power: 9V / 300mA DC (Center Negative).
#TOP 6

Koogo Analog Delay Pedal Delay Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass Full Metal Shell


  • 3 Function Knobs: Echo is mix , TIME FOR 20-620ms delays, F.BACK is the repetions.
  • True bypass provide transparent tone,LED indicator shows the working state.
  • Solid Construction: Made of high-quality zinc alloy,durable and sturdy.
  • "Koogo" Is a professional manufacturer of guitar pedal effects. If you receive an unsatisfactory product, please contact us for a solution.
  • Pure analog circuit delay, clear, warm and smooth vintage delay effect. Aluminium-alloy classic, stable and sturdy materials built.
#TOP 7

AZOR AP311 Spring Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal


  • Mini style- Small, light weight and exquisite.Enduring, light-weighted
  • Classic Design- Whole Aluminium-alloy classic, stable and strong. true bypass provide transparent tone
  • One year warranty- All AZOR Pedals have a one-year warranty
  • Power source- 9V DC adapter center negative(no power adapter included)
  • Spring reverb- Spring Reverb circuit design,Similar to analog the reverb effect of the spring of the amplifiers
#TOP 8

Mosky Spring Reverb Guitar Mini Effect Pedal


  • Full metal shell and compact size, durable and portable.
  • Boasting a super small size with low noise, and a near bottomless depth of spring reverb sound.
  • 2 functional knobs: MIX pot- adjusts dry/wet balance, DWELL pot- adjusts bit reduction rate
  • True bypass switch achieves zero-loss of tone, with a LED indicator to state working condition.
  • Electric guitar effect pedal for guitar players
#TOP 9

Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal


  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEEDIf you have any question for this professional digital reverb pedal, please feel free to reach our customer service. We will give the most satisfying reply. You are entitled to enjoy 12 month refund Guarantee, 18 Months Replacement Warranty. Your satisfaction is our top priority.
  • BEST VALUE&HIGH PERFORMANCEHighly Cost Effective,digital circuit design,this reverb guitar pedal is one of the best value guitar reverb pedal not just slap back delay effect pedals on the market. It has strong capacity of delivering a range of favourable usable reverb tones which is similar with the analog the digital reverb guitar effect of the spring of the amplifiers. True bypass can send out transparent tone clearly.
  • POWER SUPPLY MODE&SPECIFICATIONThis reverb guitar effect pedal is powered by DC 9V Adapter power supply(center negative) but no any power adapter or cables included. It can also be powered by batteries with batteries clip cable when you are outside. The current consumption is 50 mA. The well-design mini size dimension is just 11.2*6.4*3.4 inch portable and lightweight placed in pocket for travelling anytime.
  • WIDILY APPLICATION&LED INDICATORThis plate reverb guitar effects pedal is compatible for most Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitars ,Kids Guitar,Bass Guitar, in studio, music concert,rehearsal, outdoor pop concert,art show at plaza,band performance,think of this control as how large space or room is that the echo is in and function well. The LED light can show the working state and also be used as illumination in dark environment.
  • 3 KNOBS&DELICATE MATERIALS With 3 functional knobs(Mix/Decay/Prd), the reverb guitar effects pedal is capable of adjusting a wide range of reverb tones and delay time accordingly. The MIX knob is for controlling the amount of reverb. The DECAY knob can set the length of reverb. The PRD can set delay time. Meticulous selection of qualified materials, this one is made of durable metal enclosure,rustproof aluminum alloy.
#TOP 10

Guitar Multi Effects Pedal 5 in 1 Reverb Natural Detection Delay Booster Overdrive Reverberation Buffer Effect Pedals Metal Blue


  • Accurate Modification-- Accurate modification of the original LPB‑1 circuit used to make the amplifier consistent with any effect, to provide enhancement and clarity, and to increase the gain and saturation of the amplifier.
  • 5 Kinds of Effects-- 5 kinds of combined effects pedal, including reverb, delay, booster, overdrive and buffer. With a true bypass, any signal interference can be eliminated when all switches are closed.
  • Overdrive Control-- Allows you to use touch sensitive warm and ampere type Overdrive, and supports output volume (VOL), frequency (tones) and Overdrive volume (drive) control.
  • Reverberation-- Based on Malekko Omicron SPRING reverberation, supports output level (VOL), dry and wet signal ratio (MIX) and reverberation rate (resident) control.
  • Natural Detection Delay-- Simulates the natural detection delay of the direct signal pathes and supports dry,wet signal ratio (level), delay feedback (repetition) and delay time (delay) control.
#TOP 11

FLAMMA FC02 Mini Reverb Pedal Digital Guitar Pedal


  • 9V power supply
  • Includes three high-quality reverb effects: Studio, Church, Plate.
  • Durable metal shell
  • True by pass circuit
#TOP 12

UZI Distortion Pedal


  • Lifetime Promise: Unbelievably inexpensive two-knob setup, it's obviously simple to use. For any problem with this distortion pedal, just contact us for a perfect solution, we are always here and help!
  • Horse distortion pedal, designed for heavy metal, it's characterized by High Gain. with a BIAS knob, switch easily between American Distortion and British Distortion. It has a GAIN Knob and a VOLUME Knob, both are of dynamic balance, adjust the GAIN knob while don't adjust the VOL knob, the signal from the circuit will adjust automatically, ensuring the Volume is the same as before.
  • Easy Carry: Powered by a DC 9V adapter (not included in this package), this Distortion pedal has a small size body, lightweight, suitable for outside gigs.
  • Whole aluminum-alloy housing classic stoving varnish finish, stable and strong, with small LED flash indicator shows the working state.
  • R series effect pedals deliver way more comprehensive tones and functions compared with other pedals. Pedal with bypass provides transparent tone, minimizes the tone loss to keep the tone quality.
#TOP 13

MOOER R7 Reverb 7 Different


  • Each effect’s settings can be saved using the different preset slots so you never need to worry about losing that perfect tone!
  • The MOOER R7 Reverb packs 7 types of rich and classic reverb effects from the “Church” to the “Cave". You will get high quality Room, Hall, Church, Cave, Plate, Spring and Mod Reverb from the tiny stompbox.
  • Easily edit the parameter by rotating control knobs to change the parameters of effects directly.
  • High and Low Cut controls allow users to trim redundant frequencies and shape the tone freely, while the built-in trail functions can be switched between normal mode and “Trail On” mode to allow effects to fade out naturally.
  • A multi reverb pedal built into a compact shell to save more space on your pedalboard.
#TOP 14

FLAMMA FS22 Stereo Delay and Reverb Pedal Digital Guitar Effects Pedal


  • Power Supply Included. Recommend to use isolated/individual power supply. Sharing power supply with other pedals may cause unexpected noise.
  • 3 pairs of built-in delay & reverb effects: Reverse Delay Swell Reverb, Real Echo Mod Reverb, Analog Delay Shimmer Reverb.
  • Individual Tap Tempo function.Freeze function for infinite trail.
  • Dual-footswitch stereo delay&reverb effects.
  • Trail on function allows the effect to fade out naturally. ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE.
#TOP 15

Caline DCP-03 DEVILFISH Chorus Delay Effect Pedal Dual Guitar Pedal


  • The Devilfish DCP-03 combines a Pure analog chorus with the Caline Blue Ocean delay, for that classic delay and modulation combo.
  • Super Solid Metal Casing.
  • Caline's DCP series is a line of dual pedals. 2 popular combo of effects in 1 unit for a very useful space saving feature.
  • Uses Standard 9V Center Negative Adapter (not included).
  • Depth, Level, Rate Controls for Chorus channel and Time, Echo, Feedback for Delay channel.
#TOP 16

EX Mini Digital Reverb Pedal


  • With the help of the function knobs, this reverb pedal can bring you to some strange territory rather quickly. The Dry/Wet knob controls the amount of reverb in the mix, the Time Knob adjusts decay time, and the Level Knob controls the overall volume.
  • Features - LED changes color depending on different reverb modes. Red for "Room", Green for "Spring", and a Red/Green Mixture for "Well", which makes it very clearly distinguishable on a dark stage.
  • NOTE: If you have any problems with this device, try using it with a high quality alkaline battery or the 9V battery adapter from our store to determine compatibility with your pedalboard power supply.
  • Housed in a compact, die-cast box. 1/4 inch input and output jacks and an AC adapter input on the top of the unit. Uses a standard 9-volt negative tip power supply, or add a daisy chain to run multiple pedals from the one power supply source. (Adapter not included).
  • 3 Different Reverb Settings: "Spring" mode is snappy and dark. This works very nicely with stabbed chords. "Well" mode is bouncy, sounding like notes bouncing off the walls. "Room" mode allows you to get some very wet and atmospheric sounds and works beautifully with ambient sections.
#TOP 17

Sondery Metal Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal


  • Made of reliable high-quality aluminum alloy with a beautiful art design on the top, and diamond cut along the edge; anti-skid rubber pad on the backside for stability and friction prevention
  • LED status indicator; user manual included; no batteries needed, powered by an AC adapter (NOT included) delivery, 9V DC, internal negative, external positive - VERY IMPORTANT!
  • 3 modes of Solo, Turbo and Normal, easily switch to different positions to distortion the device for one-of-a-kind pedal sound. True bypass hardware switching
  • Measures 3.7 by 1.9 by 1.66 inches / 94 by 42 by 48 millimetres; backed by Sondery 1-year limited warranty
  • Metal distortion guitar effect pedal gives a warm, smooth and wide range of vintage distortion sound. 3 Controls by Volume, Filter and Distortion
#TOP 18

Caline Pedals Reverb Delay Effects Pedal Repeat Preamp Acoustic Electric Guitar Pedal True Bypass Metal Purple CP-80


#TOP 19

Stax Guitar Digital Reverb Pedal Ocean Verb Guitar Effect Pedal Room/Spring/Shimmer Models


  • Great Reverb ToneAlmost every reverb sound is given, the Adjustable reverb range is wide, with storage of timbre pedal.
  • Room & SpringRoom: Different sized true acoustics reverb, from room to hall./Spring: Simulates a classic spring reverberation, vintage 60’s Surfing sound.
  • Shimmer EffectShimmer: Add rich overtone into the reverb sound, spacy, smooth and shining, very popular in post-rock music.
  • Dedicated ModeNormal mode and fixed mode for awesome sound shaping.True bypass. Easy to carry.
  • 3 Function ModesDigital circuit design, true bypass provide transparent tone including Room,Spring, Shimmer Dedicated.
#TOP 20

Delay-1 DIY Guitar Pedal Kit With 1590B Aluminum Metal Stomp Box Case Enclosure


  • 1.This Kit is super easy to build and very rewarding
  • 4.Material: Aluminum
  • 5.Dimension:112(L)X60(W)X32(H)mm
  • 3.Our PCB is a double-side welding high-quality and professionally designed and produced PCB board
  • 2.The PCB is designed to fit perfectly inside the pre- drilled 1590B enclosure(included)

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