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In this article, we've compiled the best multi modulation pedals you can find on the market today. We've analyzed about 70 of multi modulation pedals and selected the 27 top options by Audio-Technica. Check out what we recommend in 2023.

At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Aural Dream Truth Modulation Multi MOD Guitar Effects Pedal including Flanger Chorus Pitchshift Tremolo Phaser Ring effects True Bypass
#TOP 1
Aural Dream Truth Modulation Multi MOD Guitar Effects Pedal including Flanger Chorus Pitchshift Tremolo Phaser Ring effects True Bypass
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Boss MD-200 Modulation Pedal
#TOP 2
Boss MD-200 Modulation Pedal
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Seymour Duncan Electric Guitar Multi Effect
#TOP 3
Seymour Duncan Electric Guitar Multi Effect
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Top 27 Best multi modulation pedals Reviews 2022

#TOP 1

Aural Dream Truth Modulation Multi MOD Guitar Effects Pedal including Flanger Chorus Pitchshift Tremolo Phaser Ring effects True Bypass

Aural Dream


  • Providing pitchshift harmony delay effect and Double effect.
  • It features True Bypass and low-power circuits,and can be battery powered via the battery clip cable included in the box.
  • Providing classic multi-parameter controllable phase effects .
  • 8 Modulation effects.
  • In fixed mode,adjusting the position of other knobs to get different timbres in this mode.
#TOP 2

Boss MD-200 Modulation Pedal



  • Expression Pedal/Footswitch Input
  • Stereo I/O
  • with 12 Modulation Modes
  • MIDI I/O
  • Modulation Effects Pedal
#TOP 3

Seymour Duncan Electric Guitar Multi Effect

Seymour Duncan


  • The Vapor Trail is an analog delay pedal capable of warm, authentic vintage tones, lush modulation and a few extra tricks.
  • Everyone loves the warm, smooth, ambient vibe of a Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) analog delay pedal.
  • The Vapor Trail’s natural compression and treble-smoothing characteristics support rather than overpower the dry note… at least until you want to max out the controls to make ray-gun and spaceship noises.
  • The Vapor Trail gives you those classic tones but with a TRS insert jack that lets you process the repeats through additional effects to unlock your creativity and redefine what you can do with analog delay.
  • Bypass: True bypassPower: Internal 9V battery or external 9V-18V regulated power supply.
#TOP 4

DigiTech -ventura-vibe Rotary/Vibrato Pedal Guitar-Multi-Effects



  • Three Unique Rotary/Vibrato Types: Vintage - Inspired by vintage phaser-based Uni-Vibe effects Modern - Original pure pitch-based vibrato effect Rotary- Based on a Leslie speaker rotary effect Slow to fast Foot-Switchable speeds
  • Compact Size with Soft Click, Vacuum-Style Footswitch True Stereo I/O True Bypass circuitry preserves your tone in bypass High-Voltage operation for uncompromised signal quality
  • Includes the following stage accessories: Stomp lock knob guard locks your tone in place and prevent tampering or accidental knob adjustments onstage Custom-cut Hook and Loop Pedalboard Pad to attach and lock your pedals to your pedalboard.
#TOP 5

Tech 21 SansAmp Richie Kotzen RK5 Signature Fly Rig v2 Multi-Effect Pedal



  • Boost: Switchable Pre/Post Boost up to approx 12dB to beef up drive and distortion or increase the overall volume to punch up fills and solos
  • Delay with Tap Tempo: Voiced for the sounds of a vintage tape echo, with Time and Repeats controls. The Delay includes a switch to change from 1/4-notes to dotted 8ths. A Drift button adds a random, unpredictable element to the modulation in keeping with its vintage roots
  • Effect Loop: Post-SansAmp, pre-effects to patch in external effect pedals
  • Reverb: Independent footswitchable reverb with choice of large and small �room sizes"
  • Tuner: Chromatic Tuner, operable via the BLONDE/TUNER footswitch. You simply hold the footswitch down to engage, which simultaneously mutes the signal path
#TOP 6

Boss ME-50 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal



  • Effects types: tone modify (EQ), compression, noise suppression, reverb, overdrive/distortion, modulation, delay, expression pedal effects Power supply (Boss PSA-120) sold separately Overdrive/distortion types: metal, loud, lead, crunch, natural, MT-2, DS-1, DS-2, BD-2, OD-2, OD-1, scream, DST+, guv, rat, muff, face, modern OD, stack, hi gain, modern DS, square, oct fuzz Modulation types: flanger, phaser, st chorus 2, st chorus 1, chorus, harmonist, tremolo, pan, vibrato, uni-v, r
#TOP 7

Valeton Multi Effects Guitar Pedal Dapper Indie of Distortion Reverb Delay Chorus Fuzz And Phaser Tremolo



  • 3 Reverbs w/ TRAIL Function: Room, Hall, Plate
  • 3 Modulations w/ TAP TEMPO: Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo
  • Headphones Jack with CAB SIM; Built-in TUNER; 9V Center Negative Regular Pedal Power Supply (Adapter included)
  • 3 Delays w/ TAP TEMPO: Analog, Tape, Reverse
  • Analog RAT-Style Overdrive/Distortion and BigMuff-Style Fuzz Tones
#TOP 8

JOYO Modulation Multi Effects Pedal R Series Dual Channel Stereo Input and Output 9 Effects



  • JOYO VISION effect pedal, supports stereo input and output, both of the two effects have independent "SPEED/RATE", "CONTROL" and "DEPTH/MIX" knobs in the middle of the panel;
  • Whole new appearance and the iconic ambience lights bring out futuristic and retro styles, displaying a perfect fusion, will make our soul happy whether are jamming in the bedroom, studio or on the stage.
  • Before playing, please make sure the guitar is fully connected with the pedal. in order to make JOYO pedals work properly and avoiding unexpected noise, we recommend you to purchase an extra JOYO original power adapter, or choose the other reliable brands and make sure it meets the working current requirement of single pedal.
  • And a 3-position toggle switch is used for choosing the sequence of the two effects' output. each channel features 9 effects, we can adjust various tones with the independent Tap tempo control.
  • JOYO is over decade of brand reputation, provide worry-free after-sale service. with the most popular budget pedals, amplifiers, wireless systems, controllers, metronomes, tuners winning the love of global guitarists and inspiring people's music dreams.
#TOP 9

Wampler Terraform Multi-Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal (WAMTERRAFORM)



  • Run it in full glorious stereo or keep it in mono, even split that mono signal to route some effects to go before your drive pedals or amp gain, and have the rest follow behind or in your effects loop
  • Each of 11 effect blocks have been designed and realized in-house by the tone chasing freaks at Wampler: (Dimension, Chorus, Harmonic Tremolo, Tremolo, AutoSwell, Rotary, U-Vibe, Phaser, Flanger, Envelope Filter and AutoWah)
  • We’re all tone-freaks, and we’re always trying new things, but we hope this pedal finds it’s forever home on your pedalboard, so we built it to last that long
  • The expression pedal can control ANY of the 5 controls and you can even set the heel and toe point
  • There are 8 presets to store your favorite sounds; you can recall them via the fully mappable midi, via the button on the front and even from the stomps
#TOP 10

FLAMMA FS05 Multi Modulation Pedal Stereo Effects 7 Storable Slots 11 Modulation Effects True Bypass



  • True bypass to reduce signal loss.
  • 11 modulation effects from classic to experimental: chorus, flanger, tremolo, phase, vibrato, rotary, liquid, auto wah, stutter, ring, low bit.
  • High-quality stereo & digital modulation effects.
  • 7 preset slots for saving your favorite settings.
#TOP 11

Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Modulation Multi Effects Pedal



  • Gain Boost circuit creates huge distortion and sustain regardless of level
  • New Bottom control for bottom-heavy distortion matched to 6 or 7-string guitars
  • 1 M ohms Input Impedance
  • Tone control adjusts balance between high and low frequencies
  • Produces extreme, low-end distortion for modern metal and hard rock
#TOP 12

MG-100 Professional Multi-Effects Pedal Processor Musical Instrument Parts 40s Record 55 Effect Mode 10 Sound Di Box Electric Guitar and Bass Loop Amplifier Tube Pedal



  • LARGE COLOR LCD SCREEN DISPLAY:Built-in High-quality TFT LCD color panel(160 x128), way beyond any counterparts in the same price range. Powered by 6*AA Alkaline Batteries or AC Adapter (ACD-007A) For 8 Hours of Continuous Use.
  • 56 DRUM RHYTHMS & 40 SECONDS LOOPER: Built-in 56 drum rhythm patterns that can be used in conjunction with the 40 seconds Looper function allowing you to jam with unlimited overdub layers and countless hours.
  • 72 PRESETS: A total of 72 presets, including 36 factories and 36 user presets which can provide multiple sound options for beginners. You can save any preferred tones by simply pressing down the SAVE button.
  • 13 CLASSIC AMP &11 SPEAKER CABINET MODELS: It has 13 classic high-quality guitar AMP Models and 11 speaker cabinets with True Simulation of Analog Circuit (TSAC) technology. Vintage 3-band passive EQ modeling for every AMP Model. And 6-band graphic EQ designed specifically for electric guitar.(120Hz, 250Hz, 750Hz, 1.6kHz, 3.2kHz, 6.4kHz)
  • 8 EFFECTS MODULES: Our MG-100 offers all guitar effects, including a variety of distortion, compression, modulation, delay, reverb, amplifier, and cabinet models. Each module has several effects, covering 58 effects in total; Up to 8 effects can be used simultaneously.
#TOP 13

COOLMUSIC A-ME01 Modulator Multi Effects Pedal



  • Modulator effect pedal with full metal shell, durable and sturdy.
  • With 11 types of high quality modulation effects: Dyna Filter/Wah/Detune/Chrous/Vibrato/Tremolo/Flanger/Tremolo Flanger/Phaser/Rotary/Ring.
  • Digital circuit design, pristine tone with low noise level.
  • True bypass footswitch with LED light for switching and indicating effects and bypass status.( Pls note that DC adaptor not included)
  • With MIX, DEPTH, SPEED knobs for detailed effects control.
#TOP 14

VSN Guitar Modulation Effect Pedal Digital Mod Station Pedals With 11 Kinds Classic Effect



  • DC 9V Power supply (Not Included).Working current: 100mA;True bypass provide transparent tone.LED indicator shows working state.
  • Digital circuit design,32bit high performance DSP chip. True bypass provide transparent tone.
  • The Harmonizer pedal have 11-Mode Modulation effects: S.CHORUS, T.CHORUS, P.FLANGER, N.FLANGER, JET, VIBRATO, U.VIBRATO, PHASER, O.TREMOLO, B.TREMOLO, A.FILTER.
  • "VSN" Is a professional manufacturer of guitar pedal effects. If you receive an unsatisfactory product, please contact us for a solution.
  • Made of high-quality zinc alloy, durable and sturdy.Small and exquisite,can save a lot of space on pedal board.
#TOP 15

SharkChili Multi Effects Guitar Pedal



  • Long Working Time:This guitar effect pedal has a built-in battery and supports charging by a power bank or mobile phone adapter. It takes 2 Hours to fully charge one time, and can work 6-8 Hours. It supports Charging and Working at the same time.
  • Multi-Function:The guitar effect pedal designed with wireless music playback which can play accompaniment conveniently in your show.The function of the pedal also includes sound card and mobile phone recording function.Easy to carry and excellent tone. Your good guitar companion!
  • Guitar Multi-effects Pedal:This guitar multi effect pedal with 9 class IR ,and two effects of modulation (chorus,phase shift)one tape delay,one reverb effect.And combine 8 IR cabinet simulation,support 3rd party IR.
  • Portable Multi-effects :Ultra-portable and easy to use, the Cube-Baby guitar pedal delivers pro-level tones everywhere you play. Equally suitable for beginners, weekend warriors, and traveling players, it packs Premium sound in a compact and rugged package.
  • Headphone Jack: Support headphone output, good for practice, performance or recording.
#TOP 16

FLAMMA FC05 Mini Modulation Pedal



  • 11 high-quality classic modulation effects: Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Phaser, Vibrato, Rotary, Liquid, Auto wah, Stutter, Ring, Low bit.
  • Tiny size makes it compact and portable.
  • Full metal shell design makes it more durable.
  • Bright color brings energy to your performance.
  • 9V 150mA power supply, Not Included.
#TOP 17

Valeton Coral MDR Digital Chorus Modulation Delay Reverb Multi Effects Guitar Pedal



  • Tap Tempo Function for instant Speed/Time Control
  • Multi-use Modulation/Delay/Reverb Combo Pedal
  • 16 Carefully Selected Algorithms including 3-Effect in Series
  • Special Design Buffer Bypass Circuit Keeps the Sound Pristine
  • Working with 9V Center Negative Regular Pedal Power Supply
#TOP 18

Universal Audio UAFX Astra Modulation Pedal

Universal Audio


  • Texture your tones with iconic Japanese bucket-brigade chorus/vibrato, circa 1976
  • Quickly access sounds with Live/Preset modes, and play with silent switching, preamp coloration, and true/buffered bypass*
  • Explore the outer limits with legendary rackmount bucket-brigade studio flanging/doubling
  • Download additional Phaser X90 and Dharma Trem 61 effects at product registration
  • Get all the heavenly goodness of 1960's tube-driven tremolo, direct from your favorite American guitar amps
#TOP 19

Caline CP-506 Multimod – Modulation Multi Tool Guitar Effect Pedal 7 Modes Chorus Flanger Phaser Doubler Vibrato Tremolo Pitch



  • Offers 7 modes and 3 independent controls, giving you access to dozens of really useful tones.
  • Aluminum alloy casing.
  • Use 9V center negative Adapter (not included).
  • Dimensions: 11.2 x 6.4 x 3.4 cm/Weight: 270g
  • 7 Modes: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Doubler, Vibrato, Tremolo, Pitch.
#TOP 20

NUX Cerberus Multi-function Guitar Effect Pedal Inside Routing IR Loader Analog Overdrive Distortion Digital Delay Modulation Effects



  • NUX Cerberus multi-effects pedal,can be used as a stand-alone device or 4 cable method connection
  • MIDI control to organize your own effect pedals
  • including Inside Routing, IR loader, Analog Overdrive,Distortion and Digital Effects
  • 16 effects,128 presets (32 banks x 4 presets)
  • An integrated loop switcher, IR loader, kill dry function, 0 to 20dB volume boost and an accurate tuner
#TOP 21

Valeton Coral Mod II Digital Modulation Chorus Flanger Phaser Univibe Tremolo Lofi Multi Effects Guitar Bass Pedal



  • Special Design Buffer Bypass Circuit Keeps the Sound Pristine
  • Tap Tempo Function for real time Speed Control
  • Working with 9V Center Negative Regular Pedal Power Supply
  • Multi-use Modulation Pedal in one Stompbox
  • 16 Carefully selected Modulation Algorithms suits a variety of Music Styles
#TOP 22

IK Multimedia AmpliTube X-VIBE Modulation Pedal

IK Multimedia


  • MADE IN ITALY: Built in Italy in a rugged metal chassis with pure analog dry path, 24-bit 192 kHz converters and more, plus backed by an extended warranty to ensure years of reliable performance.
  • CABINET IMPULSE RESPONSE PEDAL: A dedicated cab emulation output lets you choose from one of 5 cabinet impulse responses to connect directly to a powered cabinet or PA
  • COMPREHENSIVE CONNECTIONS: This true bypass pedal offers stereo input and output to use with guitars, keyboards, synthesizers and more, plus full MIDI control to integrate into the rest of your pedalboard.
  • CONVENIENT DIGITAL FX PEDAL CONTROL: With 100 factory presets plus 200 user presets, this compact tuner pedal packs a punch for the working guitarist who needs their tone to travel well.
  • ICONIC MODULATION PEDALS: AmpliTube X-VIBE offers 16 iconic pedals in one, from vibrato pedal to chorus pedal to tremolo, phaser pedal, rotary speaker and more. All created with AmpliTube's award-winning realism and sound.
#TOP 23

Boss ME-70 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal



  • Effects Groups: PREAMP: Uses BOSS COSM amp modeling technology to emulate 6 classic guitar amps OD/DS: 10 distortion and overdrive effects COMP/FX: Compressor, Touch Wah, BOSS Slow Gear, BOSS Defretter, Pickup Simulator MODULATION: Phaser, Flanger, Vibrato, Tremolo, Chorus, Rotary Speaker, Uni-vibe, Intelligent Harmonist DELAY: Phrase Loop with 38 seconds of recording time and unlimited overdubbing, Echo for up to 6 seconds in analog, modulate, and reverse PE
#TOP 24

Koogo Guitar Modulation pedal Digital Mod Station Pedals



  • DC 9V Power supply (Not Included).Working current: 100mA;True bypass provide transparent tone.LED indicator shows working state.
  • "Koogo" Is a professional manufacturer of guitar pedal effects. If you receive an unsatisfactory product, please contact us for a solution.
  • Made of high-quality zinc alloy, durable and sturdy.Small and exquisite,can save a lot of space on pedal board.
  • This Harmonizer pedal have 11-Mode Modulation effects: S.CHORUS, T.CHORUS, P.FLANGER, N.FLANGER, JET, VIBRATO, U.VIBRATO, PHASER, O.TREMOLO, B.TREMOLO, A.FILTER
  • Digital circuit design,32bit high performance DSP chip. True bypass provide transparent tone
#TOP 25

Moskyaudio Red FOX Multieffects 4-in-1 Multi-functional Guitar Effect Pedal



  • Chorus Effect: Analog bucket brigade technology yields premium vintage modulation effect; The CHORUS in this item has strict requirements on the power supply voltage and requires a better power supply.
  • Overdrive: 2 modes, with drive, level, bass and treble control knobs.
  • Delay Effect: With repeat, delay and level control knobs, can adjust the delay time from 25ms to 600ms
  • 4-in-1 guitar effects pedal with delay, chorus, loop and overdrive effects.
  • FX Loop: The SEND and RETURN jacks allows you to expand your board with other pedals. The FX LOOP point is positioned between the overdrive and delay modules.
#TOP 26

JOYO Vision R-09 / R09 R Series Pedals Dual Channel Modulation Multi Effects Pedal Support Stereo Input and Output



  • 3-Position toggle switch is used for choosing the sequence of the two effects output, allowing you to run the two channels independently, in parallel, or in series as well. Pedal with true bypass provide transparent tone, minimize the tone loss to keep the best tone quality, suitable for recording and live performance for various kinds of music
  • Supporting stereo/mono input and output which is perfect for using in the mix with stereo effects or for sending the signal to two guitar amps. This pedal is not just for guitar or bass use the pedal with keyboards, synths, or in the mix
  • Features an easy-to-use ambient LED lighting that allows you to keep the light off, on, or synced when the effects are engaged. Comes with a retro-style appearance with solid aluminum housing for long-lasting use. It's a unique eye-catching guitar pedal whether you are jamming in the bedroom, music studio, or on the stage
  • Dual-channel modulation pedal with 18 total effects (9 effects per channel). Each channel has its own footswitch and controls (Speed, Control, and Depth/Mix knobs) as well as Tap Tempo depending on the effect used
  • A wonderful solution for the beginning guitarist that's looking to explore different modulated effects or the experienced player who wants an all-in-one pedal that saves space on your pedalboard
#TOP 27

Hotone Binary Mod Modulation Pedal

Hotone Audio


  • Stereo I/O
  • Stereo Modulation Multi-FX Pedal with OLED Display
  • Tap Tempo
  • Expression Pedal Input

Essential Considerations to Keep in Mind When Searching for the Top multi modulation pedals

Why do guitarists need multiple pedals?

The great thing about guitar pedals is they don't just create one sound—each effect is different. They can enhance the character of a guitar's sound or change its entire dynamic.

What is modulation in simple words?

Modulation is the process of converting data into radio waves by adding information to an electronic or optical carrier signal. A carrier signal is one with a steady waveform -- constant height, or amplitude, and frequency.

Is reverb a modulation effect?

Modulation effects—Chorus, Tremolo, Flanger and Phaser. Time-based effects—Reverb, Delay and Echo. Spectral effects—EQ and Panning. Dynamic effects—Compression and Distortion.

Can you use a multi effects pedal without an amp?

Most modern multi-effects pedals have a jack where you can plug in any speakers or headphones. What is this? This means you can play an electric guitar without an amp by using a multi-effects pedal. Simply plug your guitar into a suitable multi-effects pedal and plug headphones or speakers into the pedal.

Is vibrato and chorus the same?

Where should a compressor go in the signal chain?

And the one that's closest to our hearts: where do you place the compressor in your signal chain? The Official Textbook of Pedal Placement™ states that, apart from vintage fuzz and wah, compression should always be first in the chain.

Where do modulation pedals go?

For most players, the ideal location to place modulation effects—which include phase shifters, flangers, chorus, rotary, tremolo, vibrato and so on—is directly after a compressor and/or overdrive/distortion pedal.

What is the difference between phasing and flanging?

Editor's Notes

To find the best of the best, we've looked through 88 different options of multi modulation pedals available on the market. Our researchers have collected over 1452 customer reviews and shortlisted the 27 best multi modulation pedals according to the advantages and disadvantages most people stated. The selected options have an average rating of 225 and are available at $4146 on average.

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