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In this article, we've listed the best fuzz pedals for metal one can find out there. We've found about 118 of fuzz pedals for metal and selected the 35 top options by Darkglass Electronics, M SANMERSEN, Monoprice. Check out what we recommend in 2023.

At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Wampler Fuzztration Fuzz & Octave Guitar Effects Pedal
#TOP 1
Wampler Fuzztration Fuzz & Octave Guitar Effects Pedal
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MOEN AM-FZ Fuzz Moo Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass Full Metal Shell With TONE Knob
#TOP 2
MOEN AM-FZ Fuzz Moo Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass Full Metal Shell With TONE Knob
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Boss HM-2W Waza Craft Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal
#TOP 3
Boss HM-2W Waza Craft Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal
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Top 35 Best fuzz pedals for metal Reviews 2022

#TOP 1

Wampler Fuzztration Fuzz & Octave Guitar Effects Pedal



  • Switchable between two completely independent clipping circuits, a more open fuzz or much more compressed
  • All the fuzz options you could want in one, do-it-all fuzz box
  • A brash, raspy, doomy, in-your-face fuzz from top to bottom
  • Completely independent octave - can be put pre or post fuzz or used on its own
  • A relay true bypass soft switch pedal hand built in the U.S.A.
  • Does everything from classic Floyd-style sounds to raunchy doom metal to sludge rock
#TOP 2

MOEN AM-FZ Fuzz Moo Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass Full Metal Shell With TONE Knob



  • TONE knob: adjusting the tone of the fuzz sound.
  • True bypass, and with LED light for indicating effects or bypass status.
  • SUSTAIN knob: adjusting the length of a sustained sound.
  • LEVEL knob: adjusting the volume of the fuzz sound.
  • Providing you with smooth, fuzzy effect and classic fuzz sound.
#TOP 3

Boss HM-2W Waza Craft Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal



  • High-gain Disttion Pedal with Low/High Col Mix Controls Stard/Custom Modes
#TOP 4

Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal



  • Use the RAT 2 as a boost for solos and get the extra kick you need
  • Used as a primary distortion, it excels at arena rock rhythm tones and soaring leads
  • Nails that sweet spot where a tube amp goes from sparkly clean to warm overdrive
#TOP 5

Boss MT-2W Waza Metal Zone Distortion Pedal



  • Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal with 2 Modes
  • 3-band EQ
  • Premium Buffer
#TOP 6

Pro Co Lil' RAT Distortion/Fuzz/Overdrive Pedal



  • DELIVERS A WIDE RANGE OF USABLE TONES - The Pro Co Lil' RAT Pedal offers everything from subtle overdrive to metal-ready high gain and fuzz-filled anarchy.
  • FAMILIAR AND RUGGED LAYOUT - The Lil' RAT Pedal comes with a reliable on/off footswitch and stylish "A" status LED.
  • FITS INTO EVEN THE MOST JAM-PACKED OF PEDALBOARDS - The famous RAT distortion in a 2" wide micro pedal housed in a near-bulletproof metal enclosure.
  • OFFERS AN ADJUSTABLE VOLUME KNOB - Volume knob adjusts your total output level.
  • PRODUCES HARD-CLIPPING DISTORTION - The pedal's Distortion knob dials in the total amount of saturation.
  • GIVES YOU LOTS OF SONIC FLEXIBILITY - Filter knob conjures up a myriad of sonic textures.
#TOP 7

Behringer SUPER FUZZ SF300 3-Mode Fuzz Distortion Instrument Effects Pedal



  • This BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market
  • Recreate the whole variety of famous fuzz tones of the '60s and '70s
  • Dedicated Gain, 2-band EQ and Level controls for awesome sound shaping
  • Status LED for effect on/off and battery check
  • 3 different sound modes for classic fuzz, grunge and gain boost
#TOP 8

Behringer ULTRA METAL UM300 Heavy Metal Distortion Effects Pedal



  • Multi-gain circuitry to give you super-thick, tube-like distortion plus endless sustain
  • This BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market
  • Take off with the most extreme and sought-after hard rock or heavy metal distortion
  • Status LED for effect on/off and battery check
  • Dedicated Distortion, 3-band EQ and Level controls for awesome sound shaping
#TOP 9

Max Metal High Gain Distortion Pedal



  • The Max Metal is made for metal and thrash metal guitarist who want to release the tone of carnage. The Illuminated Series, as the name implies feature illuminated knobs and footswitch as well as a magnetic bottom. Also, unique to the series is the custom die-cast metal casing.
  • One of the main features are the 4 brightly lit red illuminated knobs for the volume, bass, mid and treble. The bottom of the pedal is a rubber seal to prevent slipping. The pedal is true bypass.
  • The controls feature a 3-band EQ section, magnetic bottom plate, uniquely shaped durable die-cast metal casing with heavy-duty input/output jacks, a 3-way boost toggle switch ( hi/off/low ), ring illuminated footswitch and a larger vintage style gain knob that comes with a custom knob protector cap.
  • The Max Metal can be used with any combination of pedals and also magnetically sticks to the EX-GEAR custom pedal board that is sold separately. *Power supply shown in images is not included.
  • You can amass endless tone options using the 3 illuminated EQ knobs for bass, mid-range and treble along with the a 3-way boost toggle switch ( hi/off/low ). These features we found to be most prominent in metal genre driven style pedals that had superior tone and were in high demand.
#TOP 10

Behringer HM300 Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal



  • Disttion Pedal f Electric Guitar
#TOP 11

Donner Metal Distortion Guitar Pedal



  • [Notice] Package includes: Donner Giant Metal distortion pedal and owner manual. Power supply is NOT included.
  • [True bypass] True bypass provides transparent tone. LED indicator shows the working state.
  • [Metal Distortion] Entirely gaining and boosting the distortion degree of metal, has the special and strong distortion effect.
  • [Durable] Whole aluminium-alloy classic, stable and strong.
  • [Hi Boost] The improvement of the high frequency of the pedal makes the heavy tone-color and difficult skills perform in a clearer level. Hi boost provides the most expressive metal sound.
#TOP 12

Caline Effect Pedal for Guitar & Bass (CP-15)



  • Caline stands for absolutely well designed, functional and durable products with convincing value for money.
#TOP 13

MXR Classic 108 Fuzz Mini Guitar Effects Pedal (M296)



  • Buffer switch makes fuzz play nice with wah pedals
  • Same vintage tones in an MXR mini housing
  • No-nonsense two-knob interface
#TOP 14

Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Pedal



  • Disttion Pedal f Electric Guitar
#TOP 15

EX-Inferno Metal Distortion Pedal



  • Uses a standard 9-volt negative tip power supply, or add a daisy chain to run multiple pedals from the one power supply source. (Adapter not included).
  • True-Bypass with powerful analog circuitry, housed in a compact, die-cast box. 1/4 inch input and output jacks and an AC adapter input on the top of the unit.
  • The EX-Inferno death metal distortion pedal is designed for total metal mayhem.
  • A three-stage guitar metal pedal boost toggle switch allows for total control of brutal chugging, screaming howls and massive attack for lead and rhythm playing.
  • Fine tune the metal guitar pedal overall balance with the level, tone and distortion control knobs. Dial up shrill metal leads, deep punchy distortion or total metal chunk.
#TOP 16

AZOR Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal Classic Mini Fuzz Pedal True Bypass Aluminium Alloy AP-303



  • Power source- 9V DC adapter center negative(no power adapter included)
  • Classic design- Legendary rich, creamy, violin-like sound
  • One year warranty- All AZOR Pedals have a one-year warranty
  • Mini style- Small, light weight and exquisite.Enduring, light-weighted Aluminumalloy chassis .
  • Style-type- Analog fuzz,Traditional fuzz effect, plump and rich
#TOP 17

Valeton Multi Effects Guitar Pedal Dapper Indie of Distortion Reverb Delay Chorus Fuzz And Phaser Tremolo



  • 3 Reverbs w/ TRAIL Function: Room, Hall, Plate
  • 3 Modulations w/ TAP TEMPO: Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo
  • Headphones Jack with CAB SIM; Built-in TUNER; 9V Center Negative Regular Pedal Power Supply (Adapter included)
  • 3 Delays w/ TAP TEMPO: Analog, Tape, Reverse
  • Analog RAT-Style Overdrive/Distortion and BigMuff-Style Fuzz Tones
#TOP 18

Vangoa Mini Fuzz Pedal



  • [Power Source]: DC 9V Adapter power supply (center negative, power adapter NOT included)
  • [Transparent LED Shaft]: The control knobs with LED indicators, indicate the working status. This cool feature adds sparkle to your performances
  • [Primitive Fuzz Tone]: Vangoa fuzz guitar pedal gives you the wild Fuzz tone, which is plump and rich, ensuring the best performances
  • [True Bypass]: True bypass switching allows a pure signal through when the fuzz effect pedal is disengaged, ensuring signal passes almost lossless
  • [Solid and Refined]: Reliable high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting shell, exquisite size, stable and strong. The metal shell blocks unnecessary noise caused by radiation. Anti-slip rubber pads on the back ensure better stability
#TOP 19

Nobsound Little Bear 3 RAT Tack Guitar Bass Distortion Effector effect Stomp Box Fuzz Pedal LED



  • Each unit is handmade, which has been tested well to ensure its excellent sound output.
  • This Proco RAT Clone includes 3 modes - DIRTY/TURBO/VINTAGE.
  • This product can be powered by DC or batteries.
  • The Little Bear R.ATTACK offers a wide variety of tone and distortion options at incredible value.u receive the best quality.
#TOP 20

Fuzz Pedal, Horse Electric Guitar Effects Pedals Mini Single Type DC 9V True Bypass (Light Purple)



  • Three-knob Use: Dedicated Fuzz & Volume & Tone knobs allow for precise effect tailoring. Fuzz is for adjusting the intensity of the fuzz. Volume is for adjusting the volume of the sound. The tone is for adjusting the intensity of the tone.
  • This Fuzz pedal with a very rich adjustable range, uses three tubes to create distortion, rich adjustment can create a delicate and warm can create a rough and sharp sense of granularity, playing a classic rock and roll distortion
  • Lifetime Promise: Unbelievably inexpensive two-knob setup, it's obviously simple to use. For any problem with this distortion pedal, just contact us for a perfect solution, we are always here and help!
  • Solid Quality: The whole Analog Delay guitar pedal is made of aluminum alloy and is classic, stable and strong. An aluminum alloy body makes this Delay pedal safe to transport.
  • Easy Carry: Powered by a DC 9V adapter (not included in this package), this Analog Delay pedal has a small size body, is lightweight, suitable for outside gigs.
#TOP 21

Rowin Analog Fuzz Pedal



  • PACKAGE INCLUDES1*Rowin Fuzz pedal , 1*Owner Manual. Please be noted the 9V Power supply is not included(plug polarity is positive on the barrel and negative in the center).Please buy 9V power supply separately at Rowin music Store. ️ 12-month warranty , 30 Days Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.
  • True bypass provide transparent tone when the analog fuzz pedal disengaged. Dedicated Gain & Volume &Tone knobs allow for precise effect tailoring.LED indicator shows the working state.
  • Traditional fuzz effect, plump and get the quietest effect possible with this Fuzz pedal. This pedal have an abundant and great sound which can be compare to the violin tone.
  • Adorabel and fascinating mini outlook appearance with three simple knobs makes it stand out of the crowds of some other costly pedals, suitable for outside gigs.
  • Whole Aluminium-alloy classic body, stable and strong, it makes this fuzz pedal safe to transport.
#TOP 22

Clefly LN-322 FRENZY Guitar Pedal Classic Fuzz Tone Creamy Violin-Like Sound Mini Full Metal Shell 2 Modes For Bass Guitars



  • [Power] -9V DC adapter center negative pole (without power adapter)
  • Classic Design -Classic FUZZ, silky smooth sound, good news for SRV fans
  • [Mini style] - Small, light and exquisite. Durable, lightweight aluminum alloy chassis.
  • [Style] - Imitation nap, traditional nap effect, plump and rich
#TOP 23

MIMIDI Metal Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal



  • Customer Satisfaction"MIMIDI" Is a professional manufacturer of guitar pedal effects. We always stand behind our products and it is our honor to satisfy our customers. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Free replacement or refund for any quality issue.
  • High Quality CircuitTrue bypass and advanced noise reduction circuit keeps your signal clean. Delivering a warm and natural sound. Please make sure the adapter is DC 9V.(Not Included, please purchase separately from our store)The misusage of power adapter will generate noise.
  • Exquisite GiftThis pedal is packed extremely well in a gift box. Pedal comes with a pre-sized Velcro and Owner's Manual. It can be comprehensively applicable for all music venues: hall, music concert, stage, studio, karaoke, etc. This is the best gift for any Guitarist or Bassist.
  • 2 Modes and Multifunction DesignExtreme sound like hell roar. Classic sound full of power, like jehad howl. Toggle switch to get different styles of distortion effect in 1 pedal; VOLUME knob (output volume),DIST knob (distortion amount) and CONTOUR knob (helps you reach the “Smile EQ”) for using in different scenarios. Each knob gives you a wide control range.
  • Perfect ConstructionDimensions: 92*38*33mm, weight 142g. Exquisite and portable. Aluminum alloy housing with oxidation paint, mini size easy for carrying, additional flat bar design to protect knob setting, bottom anti-slip silicone pad design makes pedal more stable.
#TOP 24

Iset Grim Heavy Metal Guitar Pedal



  • The Tone Knob changes the brightness of the pedal. Adding more tone by turning clockwise will bring out more clarity and high-end gain to your signal, while turning it counter-clockwise will let those bass and mid range sounds shine through.
  • The Volume knob simply allows for the output from this pedal to be easily changed by the user.
  • The Heavy Metal Pedal from Iset Music turns your clean guitar signal into a complete warzone of unique and intense distortion tones. There are insane levels of saturation, distortion and sustain that can be found all with the turn of a few simple knobs!
  • The Distortion knob allows for change in the overall fullness or tone of the effect’s over-driven sound. Turning the knob clockwise will make a louder, more saturated and full tone while turning the knob counter-clockwise will make for a great mild distortion effect.
  • The Toggle switch allows for a choice between 3 different settings for your pedal. Hi-Boost, having a bit less body and more treble, Boost-Off, having a more mid-range meaty tone, and Lo-Boost, giving a very full mid and deep tone. All 3 choices are great for different genres and effects for any player.
#TOP 25

Nobsound Little Bear BS1 Mammoth Wooly Bass Fuzz Guitar Pedal Stomp Box Effects Effector



  • the FUN parts is the both BLUE LED. when Turn ON. the BOTH LED like the eyes of mammoth. it's very cool ~, hope you like it.more information. refer follow picture.
  • It's take about 5 months for buliding this pedal. Re-design PCB.and metal box. Test it again and again. Now. Just finished. Hope you like it.for bass fans. When you test it. If you have any suggesion for this pedal.fell free let me know. if it's good idear. i will keep it. and try to upgrade it in next version.
  • Quick guide: It's for bass and guitar both support and sound is very strong, and large distortion, Fuzz, and booster singal too.more over's good for play Metal / Rock music, and about this pedal support DC in. or Battery power. when you plug in DC power. it's auto to power by DC. pull out the DC. auto change to Battery. else. when you Plug in 6.35Jack, the pedal will auto Turn ON. pull out the 6.35JACK, it's will auto OFF.and with turebypass food switch.
#TOP 26

Coolmusic C-FC1 Fuzz Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal Bass Pedal withTrue Bypass



  • Aluminum alloy shell with Anodizing surface
  • True Bypass footswitch for crystal-clear signal thru
  • TONE, SUSTAINATE, FUZZ and CLEAN knobs for detailed control
  • Slim design and light weight, it's eassy to carry on and takes up little sapce. (Pls note that DC adaptor not included)
  • Heavy duty metal footswitch, knobs and on/off status LED
#TOP 27

Behringer HD300 Heavy Distortion Pedal



  • Disttion Pedal f Electric Guitar
#TOP 28

JOYO JF-12 Voodoo Octave Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal



  • Add the brilliant Octave Up effect to the Fuzz and you're in 'White Stripes' territory. The Octave Up adds a whole new dimension to your riffs making them really pop and stand out.
  • Fuzz tones along with optional Octave switch. Normal or mid cut switch option.
  • Whole aluminium-alloy housing classic stoving varnish finish, stable and strong, with small LED flash indicator shows the working state.
  • The Fuzz on the ultimate octave is a brilliantly thick snarling beast.
  • Excellent tone electric guitar effect pedal with true bypass provide transparent tone,minimize the tone loss to keep the best tone quality.
#TOP 29

Overdrive Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal Creates Clean and Wild Overdrive Tone Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal



  • Exceptional overdrive pedal offer you extra headroom, precise tone controls and a voicing switch.
  • USA Designer Jamie Mallender.True bypass with LED effect on indicator,zero loss of tone.
  • Extremely long sustained fuzz, with complete tonal adjust-ability Tube-like overdrive with gain variables from soft distortion to a screaming, highly compressed overdrive tube amp sounds.
  • Durable all-metal housing, size: 70mm(w) x 121mm(d) x 33mm(h),30 days money back one year warranty.
  • Drive level, overdrive fuzz, bass Treble and dynamics controls, - total control of your overdrive sounds.
#TOP 30

Sondery Metal Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal



  • Made of reliable high-quality aluminum alloy with a beautiful art design on the top, and diamond cut along the edge; anti-skid rubber pad on the backside for stability and friction prevention
  • LED status indicator; user manual included; no batteries needed, powered by an AC adapter (NOT included) delivery, 9V DC, internal negative, external positive - VERY IMPORTANT!
  • 3 modes of Solo, Turbo and Normal, easily switch to different positions to distortion the device for one-of-a-kind pedal sound. True bypass hardware switching
  • Measures 3.7 by 1.9 by 1.66 inches / 94 by 42 by 48 millimetres; backed by Sondery 1-year limited warranty
  • Metal distortion guitar effect pedal gives a warm, smooth and wide range of vintage distortion sound. 3 Controls by Volume, Filter and Distortion
#TOP 31

Build Your Own Fuzz Pedal All kits With 1590B Style Aluminum Metal Stomp Box Case



  • 3.The PCB is designed to fit perfectly inside the pre drilled enclosure(included)
  • 4.Our PCB is a double-side welding high-quality and professionally designed and produced PCB board
  • 1.This valuable classical model of Fuzz pedal uses a hand-polished aluminum box
  • 2.This Kit is super easy to build and very rewarding
  • 5.Dimensions 112 x 61 x 31mm
#TOP 32

VSN Guitar Fuzz Traditional Rich



  • True bypass provide transparent tone, LED indicator shows the working state
  • Please note this pedal can NOT powered by batteries. Need a DC 9V power supply with negative in the center to power up. Pleae buy it separately at VSN Music store
  • Small and exquisite,can save a lot of space on pedal board
  • Made of high-quality zinc alloy, stable and strong
  • Traditional fuzz effect, plump and rich
#TOP 33

DIY Fuzz Pedal Kits with 1590B Diecast Aluminum Enclosure Flash Purple



  • 4.Our PCB is a double-side welding high-quality and professionally designed and produced PCB board
  • 3.Dimension:112(L)X60(W)X32(H)mm / 4.4"*2.36"*1.26"
  • 1.This is a kit of Fuzz guitar effect pedals all kits.
  • 5.Can provide comprehensive effect instrument aluminum shell from the open mold, die-casting molding, surface punching, surface treatment (including the lacquer that bake, water transfer printing, etc), surface screen printing, can provide effect product ODM/OEM services Welcome to custom!
  • 2.Very easy to assemble.
#TOP 34

Caline Fuzz Bear Guitar Effects Pedal Multieffects Pedals Metal True Bypass Orange CP-46



  • LED indicator shows the working state
  • Aluminium-alloy classic, stable and strong
  • Powered by AC adapter or Battery (not included), A battery cable included.
  • From Fuzzy Raunch to Roar
  • True bypass provide transparent tone
#TOP 35

DIY Guitar pedal Fuzz Full Kit With 1590 Size Box Purple



  • NOTE: In order to let buyers experience the fun of assembling, It need you to assemble it by yourselves.If you'e not 100% sure you could make it assembled successfully, please purchase prototypes directly.If there is a problem with the installation, please contact us at the first time thank you!
  • Dimension:112(L)X60(W)X32(H)mm / 4.4"*2.36"*1.26"
  • This is a kit of a guitar effect pedals.Let's make own effect pedal
  • Can provide comprehensive effect instrument aluminum shell from the open mold, die-casting molding, surface punching, surface treatment (including the lacquer that bake, water transfer printing, etc), surface screen printing, can provide effect product ODM/OEM services Welcome to custom!
  • PuzzleSounds stands for the best quality handmade boutique effect pedals.

Choosing the Right fuzz pedals for metal - The Buyer's Guide

Did Metallica use a Rat pedal?

Metallica's debut album 'Kill 'Em All' was loaded with RAT noise from start to finish. Hetfield used it in combination with his Marshall 1959SLP amplifier. This mix produced the famous tones of early Thrash metal.

Is fuzz a distortion or overdrive?

Fuzz is a harder, harsher and buzzier distortion than overdrive, and usually considered harder and harsher than distortion itself.

How do I get classic metal tone?

To achieve a good metal tone, have your amp settings on high for bass and gain, mid-low for the mids setting and mid-high for the treble setting. The key to achieving a good metal tone is high gain, high sustain and lot's of low-end (bass). Remember, this is just a starting point.

How do I get Metallica tone?

Some common settings to get a saturated tone like Metallica's would be:
  1. Gain: 8.
  2. Treble: 6.
  3. Mids: 3.
  4. Bass: 6.
  5. Presence: 6.
  6. Depth: 6.
4 Apr 2023

Should fuzz go before or after distortion?

Generally, your distortion, overdrive and fuzz effects pedals should go towards the start of your pedal chain as they have the greatest effect on the tone. Fuzz pedals should usually go first, followed by overdrive and finally distortion.

Where should fuzz go in chain?

Where's the Best Position? Generally, your distortion, overdrive and fuzz effects pedals should go towards the start of your pedal chain as they have the greatest effect on the tone. Fuzz pedals should usually go first, followed by overdrive and finally distortion.

What distortion pedal did Kurt Cobain use?

Boss DS-1 Distortion Kurt Cobain used a Randall solid-state head and 4x12 cab at the time, but for the album, Kurt used Endino's Fender Twin Reverb, and the only pedal he used was a Boss DS-1 Distortion.

Should fuzz pedal go before or after overdrive?

Fuzz pedals should usually go first, followed by overdrive and finally distortion. That's because you should have the biggest changes to your tone at the start, and then let the later pedals refine it before it goes into your amp.

What pedal did Kirk Hammett use?

Kirk has been using Dunlop wah's for his entire career. The wah sound is so associated with him that he eventually got his own signature wah pedal, the Dunlop KH95 Kirk Hammett Wah. It's inspired by the classic Dunlop Cry Baby Wah, but has some cool graphics to make it unique.

What pedal did Jimi Hendrix use?

For achieving his super-gnarly fuzz sound, Hendrix's initial weapon of choice was the Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face pedal. Powered by a pair of germanium transistors, this stompbox allowed the legendary axeman to attain the aggressive, broken-up sound that defined many of his tracks.

Does fuzz go after distortion?

Generally, your distortion, overdrive and fuzz effects pedals should go towards the start of your pedal chain as they have the greatest effect on the tone. Fuzz pedals should usually go first, followed by overdrive and finally distortion.

Editor's Notes

Overall, our editorial team spent 31 hours on the research prior to come up with the selection of the 35 best fuzz pedals for metal on the market. We've read over 603 of real buyers' reviews to get the full picture of the current situation on the market. On the page, you'll find models with an average rating of 299 - so rest assured all of them are worth your attention.

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