Once upon a time, in the summer of 1973, in a little town way out in the country, two local dentists were looking for a place for their children to learn and play musical instruments. Since there was no music store around to supply this service, they decided to open up a music studio store of their own. At the same time in a town close-by, a local music teacher/working musician, Joe Ornelas, was starting up a music store of his own (Consolidated Music of Barrington, Il).

After a few years in the music business, the two dentists realized that they understood the dentist business better than they understood the music business. In the fall of 1976, Joe Ornelas purchased The Player’s Bench. Since then, the store has grown considerably. Over the years, the store has had major remodeling, inside and out. The Bench has added more teaching studios, a sound room, a guitar repair shop, a rental department, and has weathered two recessions and eight presidents.

In June of 2014, Ornelas retired and sold the store to the husband and wife team of Jason Erlenborn and Molly Clough. Erlenborn was a former school music teacher who also had experience in the music retail field from managing other area music stores. Clough had been a lifelong Crystal Lake resident and has worked at many of the stores on Williams Street. She had always dreamed of having her own store on the street growing up and now the dream has become reality!

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